New Video Encourages Chinese “To Starve For A Few Years In Order To Make The United States Bleed”


A new video created by activists in China is urging “war” with the United States “until the Pacific Ocean splits into two”.  Hopefully when they are speaking of “war”, they are just referring to the trade war that is currently raging between our two nations.  But without a doubt, there is a lot of anger toward the United States over in China right now, and this video is a reflection of that.

And the Chinese government apparently agrees with the content of this video, because it was posted on a video sharing platform that is very heavily regulated by the communist Chinese government.

The following is what the Washington Free Beacon had to say about this new video…

China’s Communist Party-controlled media stepped up a war of words with the United States recently urging an escalation of the ongoing trade dispute into a full-scale conflict.

“China must be prepared to fight a protracted war,” states a four-minute, anti-American video posted five days ago on a Chinese video-sharing service.

“Trump’s ‘outrageous and selfish’ strategy might work for smaller countries, but it will never work for China,” the video warns. “To quote a well-written article in the Global Times: If the Americans want to fight, we will fight them until the end! And we will fight until the Pacific Ocean splits into two!” Global Times is the Communist Party of China’s nationalistic and anti-U.S. news outlet.