New York Prepares for Riots As Grand Jury Weighs Eric Garner Decision

New York Skyline - Wikimedia Commons

As the video below unmistakably shows, Eric Garner was killed by the cops.

His crime? Allegedly selling cigarettes not approved and taxed by the state. Garner was knocked to the ground and a white police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, strangled him to death. The suffocation was exacerbated by the fact Garner suffered from asthma.

Unfortunately, the racial component of this murder will feed the race war hysteria coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. It will allow the race war opportunists to promote their agenda.

The race war opportunists have managed to pave over the larger issue – out of control federally militarized cops at war with citizens. All races in the United States suffer from police violence.

Following riots in Ferguson and black-on-white murder in St. Louis in reaction to a grand jury decision exonerating policeman Darren Wilson, race war activists justified the destruction of private property (including property owned by black merchants) and disrupting commerce.

The latest call for violence has come from perennial firebrand Rev. Louis Farrakhan. On Saturday, Farrakhan delivered a speech at Morgan State University, a black college in Baltimore. He said Islam permits a “law for retaliation” and violence should be used following the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions.

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