NYPD find arsenal of weapons and bulletproof vests at home of man arrested after being overheard talking about ‘killing cops’

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Bloody Handprint

A New York man has been arrested and charged after he was overheard talking on his cell phone about wanting to murder two white NYPD officers.


Elvin Payamps of Queens allegedly told a friend that he wished the two cops assassinated in Brooklyn on Saturday – Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu – had been white.

Payamps was heard vowing to make it right by shooting more officers, as he stood in a TD Bank branch on Wednesday lunchtime.

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  • DJohn1

    I look at things from the view of any policemen out there.
    He is guilty of a lot of things. Being not very sensitive to two innocent cops doing their jobs and getting killed for it is first on my list.
    Because what he said was very insensitive.
    Concerning the law? Were those guns registered? If not he has broken the law.
    The contraband armor? Was that stolen? If so, he has broken the law.
    High on drugs? Yes, I think they can throw the book at him and rightfully so.
    I would be checking to see if he is depressed and suicidal. Suicide by cop is more common than people might think.
    The reason they might go after him is really because he was so stupid and insensitive. That is not a crime. We, in this country do have the right to be as stupid as stupid can be. The rest he can be prosecuted for. Personally I think he needs a keeper.