Obama Estimate: U.S. Is Facing $9 Trillion More Debt Over The Next 10 Years

DeficitThe most important news for Monday, August 24th, 2009…..

According to reports, the Obama administration will soon increase its 10 year budget deficit projection to approximately 9 trillion dollars which is way up from the previous figure of 7.1 trillion dollars. 

A prominent banking analyst says that 150 to 200 more U.S. banks will fail in the current banking crisis.

What happens to these failed banks?  Well, the feds sold one major Texas bank that failed to a Spanish firm.

The agenda for the first ever international swine flu conference that was held in Washington D.C. last week reveals that the attendees actually discussed mass vaccinations and mass quarantines.

Now that “cash for clunkers” is behind us, get ready for “cash for refrigerators”.

The second Egyptian to legally request to change his religion and his 15 year old daughter are “living like fugitives” in order to avoid the Islamic extremists who are hunting them down in order to kill them.

Atlas Shrugs has a very interesting look at how women in the Islamic world are being treated now.

The Other McCain is asking this question: “What does Janeane Garofalo know about Uganda?”

Have you seen The Fluoride Song yet?  After watching it you will probably not look at tap water the same way again.

Coincidence?  A tornado knocked the cross off the steeple of a Lutheran church across the street from where the ELCA was in legislative session deciding whether or not to allow sexually active homosexuals to serve as ministers in their churches.

Is a massive counterfeiting operation funding the corrupt dictatorship in North Korea?

Lastly, is it time to stop taking the pill?  New research is shedding light on the dangers of birth control pills.