Obama Judge Fines School Over Christian Prayer

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An Obama-appointed district judge fined a Mississippi school district over $7500 after a pastor led a prayer before an optional school assembly.

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves said the Rankin, Miss., public school district defied his prior order barring prayer at school events by allowing Rev. Rob Gill to begin an assembly honoring students with above-average ACT scores with a prayer.

“The district’s breach did not take very long and it occurred in a very bold way,” Reeves stated. “Its conduct displays that the district did not make any effort to adhere to the agreed judgment.”

The judge, appointed by Obama in 2010, also barred the distribution of Bibles on the school district’s campuses by Gideons International, the evangelical Christian association best known for placing Bibles in hotel rooms.

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1 thought on “Obama Judge Fines School Over Christian Prayer”

  1. If you do not like the Judge’s court decisions recall the judge.
    But to do that is difficult if at all possible.
    Getting two denominations of Christian to agree is sometimes a problem.
    I would approach it from a different angle.
    If that had been Muslim, they pray five times a day no matter where they are.
    You cannot have it both ways. Either the prayer is legal or it is not.
    The difference is the Muslim will fight to the death for his right to pray.
    IF we are going to become an international community of law then the law must apply equally to everyone.
    That also means polygamy will have to become legal. Since many countries allow it in the middle east.
    Just like the homosexual group has a right to get married in this country.
    They do not have the right to sue someone for their religious beliefs. That is plain wrong. Would they sue a Muslim if they refused to marry someone? You cannot have it both ways. And that Muslim might enforce it by killing someone.
    I see no way our law system can survive by treating people differently by whichever religious beliefs they have.
    You have to deal with them all or none.
    So the Christian has a right to express their religious belief just the same in this country as a Muslim does.
    Or you end up with a government opposed to all religion. That will not work either.
    The expression of religious belief is one of the rights we have under constitutional law.
    The belief system of not believing in any god is also to be respected. But that belief is equally capable of being expressed.
    But you do not have the right to keep others from expressing their religious beliefs no matter how obnoxious you think it is.
    I know we have groups with bizarre religious beliefs right here in the USA. They are entitled to believe anything they want to believe as long as they do not press everyone else to believe the same as themselves. They have the right to express their religious beliefs in prayer or anything else as long as they do not force someone else to believe.
    That also includes Muslims.
    The right of government is to keep any group from causing civil war amongst the population.
    It is a fine point. I can see where government would trespass on the rights of believing Christians, Jews, or anyone else. But the trick is to remain neutral towards it all. Part of that trick is that people should have the right to practice their religious beliefs in public.
    That includes holidays we all enjoy.
    The key word here is freedom to practice your own belief system any way that you like that does not infringe on anyone else’s belief.
    People offended by religious belief do not have the right to infringe on my right to public prayer.
    Just like they do not have the right of a Catholic to pray in their own manner.
    Or a Jew, to practice their religious belief in a Synagogue or on a School stage.
    We are better than that.
    If someone wants to believe in something that most people do not believe in, that also is a right as long as it does not disobey other laws such as manslaughter, murder, etc. And that is why the Muslim belief system will go down eventually. They believe they have the right to force their beliefs on everyone else. At least that is the practice where they rule.
    We have a right to freedom. Where freedom is excluded, the law is wrong.

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