Obama Seeks Congressional Authorization For A Global War Against ISIS

Obama Makes A Statement

President Barack Obama will soon give Congress his proposal for a new authorization for the use of military force against Islamic State fighters, and it will place strict limits on the types of U.S. ground forces that can be deployed, according to congressional sources.

Almost six months after the president began using force against the Islamic State advance in Iraq and then in Syria, the White House is ready to ask Congress for formal permission to continue the effort. Until now, the administration has maintained it has enough authority to wage war through the 2001 AUMF on al-Qaeda, the 2002 AUMF regarding Iraq and Article II of the Constitution. But under pressure from Capitol Hill, the White House has now completed the text of a new authorization and could send it to lawmakers as early as Wednesday.

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1 thought on “Obama Seeks Congressional Authorization For A Global War Against ISIS”

  1. Is Obama right? He may just be completely right about the danger of this particular bunch of barbarians. They are a threat to our lifestyle and our nation. At the first opportunity they may make 9/11 look mild in comparison.
    We need to set ground rules for going against ISIS. They are obviously not going to go to war by any rules I know of.
    ISIS does not recognize the Geneva Convention concerning Prisoners. Thus the horrible deaths people are experiencing as POWs.
    That means we have to set the rules by which our troops are likely to have to go against them. That means once taken they are likely to be burned alive, hung, crucified, or any one of 100s of methods to kill them. That means they might be killed out of hand after capture.
    I advise a burnt Earth policy concerning anything ISIS. No half way methods. That means ISIS has set the rules. Now they have to go against professionals. That means we also do not have to obey the Geneva Convention dealing with these barbarians.
    In accordance with the Moslem belief system, execute them in the most dishonorable method available. That means they need to be hung from a tree until dead if they are convicted of killing POWs by any method. The methods are spelled out in the Koran. Anyone killed by these methods do not enter heaven by their own rules.
    When I say a burnt Earth, I mean we leave the land itself uninhabitable after we take it. That means nothing is left to rebuild on period. It means anything above a blade of grass has to be destroyed. It means any source of fresh water has to be taken out.
    The land itself will no longer support them.
    What these people know is we do not have the stomach for that kind of warfare. They do. They think they will win because they are more terrible than we are.
    Buried beneath, our people have little sympathy for anyone that brings HELL on Earth to our part of the world.
    HIstory proves that to anyone educated in what people in this country have done in the past.
    Waking the tiger in this country is probably the worst decision these people have ever made. Their own older council cries in horror at what they might awaken here. Because if it is awakened, nothing will be left. Our people will seek revenge and they will not be nice about it.
    Every action in life can generate an equal and opposite reaction. Beware awakening the sleeping tiger here.

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