Obama Slams “Domestic Propagandists” On Talk Radio For Rise Of “Fake News”


As of this moment, president Obama is on his way to Hawaii, having just concluded his final press conference for 2016, and one of the last in his tenure as president.

What did we learn in the rambling speech that lasted nearly two hours and saw one of the White House reporters faint? Not much that wasn’t already insinuated, if not proven, repeatedly: Obama stuck to the script, and said Russia “in fact” had “hacked into the DNC,” but that the actual voting process was not compromised. The White House was just trying to “let people know” what was going on, and the media interpreted the reasons.

While Obama took questions about Syria, China and Trump’s transition team, Obama mostly spoke about Russia and the allegations by US intelligence agencies that Moscow had hacked the US election. Obama said that his administration allowed the public “to make an assessment” by letting people know that “the Russians were responsible for hacking” the Democratic National Committee earlier this year, adding that the intelligence community did its job “without political influence.”

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