Obama’s State Department: Israel Among The Most ‘Unacceptable’ Countries In 2014

Israel Flag

The US State Department in 2014 condemned Israel as one of the most “unacceptable” countries in the world, just behind North Korea.

According to an article published last week by Foreign Policy, over the past year the Obama Administration State Department cited Israel for “unacceptable behavior” more times than Pakistan, Russia, Egypt, China, Afghanistan and Iraq. The article examined how many times a country’s actions were condemned as “unacceptable,” and Israel came in fourth, right after Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Most of the State Department’s criticisms came in response to Israeli announcements for plans to build housing in Jerusalem. The study also found that the US government panned out unprecedented amounts of condemnation towards Israel for civilian casualties during the summer war in Gaza.

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1 thought on “Obama’s State Department: Israel Among The Most ‘Unacceptable’ Countries In 2014”

  1. I would not live in Israel for any amount of money.
    That these Jewish People want their homeland back is obvious.
    But the cost to their families and people? They are paying a price. A price I respect them for. But would I put my family in that position? No.
    There are any number of countries where a Jew can stand up and be counted. Where Jewish People can live in peace and without constantly being put in the position of being murdered.
    What Israel has become is a center piece on a giant chess board of enemies everywhere around them. Even if they were to negotiate a peace, it is unlikely to last more than 3 years.
    In history, where ever the Jewish People settle and are given the freedom to worship in accordance with their beliefs, that country thrives.
    What I see with the middle east is a situation where people are being set up for a world war that no one can win. That is right, everyone loses.
    I look at the beliefs of the people around Israel and I see savage, violent, barbaric peoples, and the only way that will stop is to totally eliminate them from the Earth. For if one of them lives, they will seek vengence forever. There is no forgiveness with these people. And therefore there can be no peace treaty with them. If one tries peace with them, it will lead to death for everyone concerned.
    When we see articles about ISIS where they are killing, raping, beheading people, murdering peaceful Christian people, what I see is a rabid animal people willing to do anything to get their way no matter what.
    Even the people around them are scared and I do not blame them at all for being scared of these barbarians.
    The most likely survival technique is not to depend on your ability to fight. The best survival technique is to run away to fight another day.
    My own thought is we should get completely out of the middle east before it explodes in our faces.
    And it will. Have no doubt about that. Somewhere down the road, these same violent people will come here and they will bring violence and death with them.
    What those violent people need to know is when and if they do this thing, the United States will likely have a policy of leaving not one blade of grass standing anywhere.
    This goes way beyond a President. And if it happens, that will be the downfall of whoever is in charge. Because the United States will be angry and no one needs that.

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