‘Step out of the car, son – it’s ours now’

Traffic Stop - Photo by DarkKomodo

On a dark stretch of Stony Lonesome Road near West Point, New York, a young cadet from the United States Military Academy sits at the side of the road, pulled over for a careless speeding ticket.

The cadet knows he has nothing to fear but the ticket – he’s sober, responsible and the designated driver for his more tipsy friends in the backseat.

But when the police officer returns to the car, he spots one of the cadet’s pals with a rolled up joint.

Now it’s not just a ticket. Now the cadet’s car is impounded. And even though the cadet was charged with nothing but speeding, his car is sold off at auction, and the police department just got themselves a brand new copy machine.

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1 thought on “‘Step out of the car, son – it’s ours now’”

  1. The real problem here is laws put together with good intentions and interpreted by thieves. The path to hell is paved with good intentions.
    There is a higher law. It comes when one dies. That is when a lot of these people will go to judgement for breaking their oaths.
    Just who will be judged? I suggest the police officer violating the constitution he made oath to protect.
    I suggest the judge that allowed such laws to stand against constitutional authority.
    Is it just to wait for the final judgement? Someone with a much better pay grade than me will have to answer that one.
    Until the general public decides to change it, those laws will stand and people will be victimized.
    The key here is the way the people in authority decide to interpret what is basically plain American English in a manner that anyone can see is wrong. So the question becomes, how do we remove those judges from office? Under the system we currently have that is difficult if not impossible.

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