‘Palestine will not recognize Israel as Jewish state’ – Abbas after Israeli legal push


Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, President Mahmoud Abbas said at an emergency session of the Arab League, hot on the heels of PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s approving the disputed bill to enshrine Israel’s status as such.

Speaking to leaders of the Arab world in Cairo, the Palestinian leader stated: “We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel.”

The statement reported by Israel’s Channel 10 followed warnings that if the United Nations fails to adopt a resolution that would recognize Palestinian statehood and make Israel cease building settlements on Palestinian land, the Palestinian Authority will go ahead with seeking membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC), with the intention of prosecuting.

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1 thought on “‘Palestine will not recognize Israel as Jewish state’ – Abbas after Israeli legal push”

  1. One of the most controversial parts of the entire Bible is God’s words concerning the occupation of cities in the promised land.
    Basically it says kill them all. Men, women, and children no exceptions. Otherwise they will arise within a generation to destroy you.
    That is basically history in the old testament and it is looked on with horror. But God also says he is not human. So genocide was the answer given the Jews of the time. I believe it was in the time of Joshua. Does it pertain to the present situation with the Palestine people?
    The haunting of those verses is that they were probably right! As hard as that sounds. That is what is happening right now in most of Muslim territory. The people are rising up to take back what was theirs. The curse of the land is the people having to do things that are basically against Moses and the ten commandments.

    I think the entire idea of Israel to be a big bomb waiting to go off.
    I certainly have no stomach for killing people both innocent and not innocent.

    If it were up to me I would have given them territory in Australia, near water, and help them develop their own cities and their own state within the country of Australia. I am sure they would have arisen to become a great asset to Australia. By state I mean a state similar to Virginia, Ohio, or even Florida. That state would be under the government of Australia.

    The point being we might have spared everyone a great deal of blood shed. Hind sight is almost always 20/20.

    There are deep religious reasons why Israel wishes to occupy the land they are on. That includes following the Bible on how to contact God. That being the occupation and recovery of the Temple of Soloman as the place to sacrifice to God as per the laws of the old testament.
    I think Israel will succeed at doing this. But I also think they will fail long term because what they want is next to impossible to accomplish with the Muslims in their backyard.
    Strategically Israel is not a good place to make a stand. So why did God place it there in Biblical history.

    Basically, I think a peace treaty might work a maximum of 7 years. More than likely it will fail within 3.
    More than likely it will cause a World Conflict. With today’s advanced weapons, that could be an extinction event for most of humanity.
    So we all have a lot to lose if such a conflict goes forward. Who can win a war like that? Certainly no one I know could.

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