People Are Getting Microchips Implanted In The Hands At Tech Conferences

RFID Microchip Implant

At Vancouver’s recent From Now conference, biohacker Amal Graafstra gave a talk on the future of self-modification to around 100 fairly straight-laced attendees. As if the future of tech implants wasn’t eye-opening enough, Graafstra finished the talk by personally implanting conference organizer Nik Badminton with an electronic tag, to the shock and awe of the whole crowd.

I won’t lie, watching Graafstra, the CEO of​ , implant a tag in Badminton’s left hand was surreal. With his newly implanted programmable RFID tag, Badminton already had possible uses for it mapped out, like storing and sharing “personal health records and exclusive links to an art project.”

Even considering that he’s a well-tattooed and pierced guy, it was interesting watching Badminton’s initial trepidation giving way to a sense of it being no big deal once the tag was finally implanted—and really, it wasn’t that strange of a process. Badminton said his new implant could very well be the key towards “improvement as a human.”​

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