Prophecies From A 17 Page Letter That Was Sent To Us More Than 2 Years Ago Are Being Fulfilled Right Now

Prophecies about America’s judgment are coming to pass right in front of our eyes.  What is it going to take before people start heeding the warnings?  Between November 21, 2016 and December 7, 2016, a sister in Christ named Sonja Craighead was given a series of extremely detailed visions about the future of the United States.  After the visions ended, Sonja composed a 17 page letter about these visions and sent them to us in the mail.  You can read the entire 17 page letter right here.

My wife and I read the letter with great interest in late 2016, but life started to get extremely busy and I soon put the letter out of my mind.

But then a few weeks ago Sonja contacted us again and pointed out that some of the things that she saw in her visions have started to come to pass.

For example, in her letter she said that the Lord showed her this…

Much livestock will lay dead due to extremes in our weather. I saw cattle in N. and S. Dakota, and Nebraska lying dead in pastures from violent storms.

There are three main points that I want you to take note of from these two sentences.

1. She saw cattle lying dead.

2. This was to happen in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

3. Violent storms were to be the cause of these deaths.

Of course this is precisely what we witnessed back in March of this year.  In fact, the number of calves lost in the state of Nebraska was absolutely unprecedented.  The following is an excerpt from my article entitled ‘”As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska” – Beef Prices In The U.S. To Escalate Dramatically In The Coming Months’

According to Agriculture Secretary Sunny Purdue, there “may be as many as a million calves lost in Nebraska” due to the catastrophic flooding that has hit the state. This is not a rumor, this is not an exaggeration, and this is not based on any sort of speculation. This number comes to us directly from the top agriculture official in the entire country, and it means that the economic toll from the recent floods is far greater than most of us had anticipated. You can watch Purdue make this quote on Fox Business right here, and it is important to remember that this number is just for one state. It is hard to imagine what the final numbers will look like when the livestock losses for all of the states affected by the flooding are tallied up. This is already the worst agricultural disaster in modern American history, and the National Weather Service is telling us that there will be more catastrophic flooding throughout the middle portion of the nation for the next two months.

Another thing that Sonja was shown was that crops in the Midwest would be “ruined by flooding”…

I saw in the mid-west states of Iowa, Ohio, and parts of Missouri, corn standing in mud and water, being ruined by flooding, with rot and mold on the corn ears.

Once again, this is precisely what has happened.

In fact, a USA Today article about all of the recent flood damage specifically mentioned the states of Iowa and Ohio…

Rain and flooding that began in March have kept farmers from planting a major portion of their crops during the normal mid-April to mid-May season in states like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Michigan. As of Sunday, 39% of soybean acres have been planted in the 18 largest producing states, compared with an average 79% over the past five years, Agriculture Department figures show. Sixty-seven percent of corn acres are in the ground, vs. an average 96%. Such delays are unprecedented, Newton says.

Are you starting to get the picture?

The things that she was shown are really starting to happen.

Sonja was also shown that there would be widespread recalls of foods and that there would be confusion on what foods are safe to eat…

This is something that is happening right now. In fact, here are 4 examples from within the past week…

“Kroger recalls frozen berries that might have hepatitis A”

“Tyson Foods recalls more than 190,000 pounds of chicken fritters shipped nationwide”

“Check your freezer: Kroger recalls ground beef and ribeye due to potential health hazard”

“Townsend Farms, Inc., Notifies Costco of Possible Health Risk and Recalls Conventional Frozen Kirkland Three Berry Blend”

Considering the track record of her letter so far, don’t you think that you should read it and find out what else she was shown?

Because according to Sonja, what we have experienced so far is nothing compared to what is coming.  In fact, in her letter she stated that the viciousness and violence that she witnessed in her visions “is hard for me to even put into words”…

The entire letter has been posted on Scribd, and you can also read it below. God really is speaking to His people, and I encourage you to share this with everyone that you can…

A Very Detailed Prophetic V… by on Scribd