Chinese Christians memorize entire Bible in prison: Government ‘can’t take what’s hidden in your heart’

Instead of sending missionaries to China, perhaps they should be sending missionaries to us.  Despite horrific persecution, the underground church in China is absolutely thriving, and it is estimated that there are now more than 100 million Christians in that communist nation.

During one recent ministry trip, one Christian minister came away completely humbled by the dedication of Chinese believers

“You sat on a wooden floor for three days. In my country, if people have to sit for more than 40 minutes they leave. You sat here for not only three days on a hard wooden floor, in my country if it’s not padded pews and air conditioning, people will not come back.”

“In my country, we have an average of two Bibles per family. We don’t read any of them. You hardly have any Bibles and you memorize them from pieces of paper.”

“I will not pray that you become like us, but I will pray that we become just like you,” he concluded.