Rand Paul: Trump Intel Leakers ‘Should Go To Jail’

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said Wednesday that those responsible for leaking intelligence pertaining to Donald Trump, whether fake or not, should be prosecuted and jailed.

“What I would say is that if there is private information that someone is blackmailing a public figure and the public figure or someone takes it to the intelligence agencies, you would think it would be private. And really, this is so important that I think whoever leaked it should be prosecuted.” Paul told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

“Someone should go to jail. If this was an intelligence agency head talked to the media, they should go to jail. If it was the Obama administration, they should go to jail.” Paul urged.

“The reason is you don’t want your public figures succumbing to blackmail.” Paul continued.

“Now he’s saying the information is false and I have to rely on his word on that. But let’s say any public official is being blackmailed. What are you supposed to do? You’re supposed to go to the FBI and give them the information.” The Senator further noted.

“But if you can’t trust the FBI to keep it secret and the FBI is going to tell the press what someone is blackmailing you about, what will happen is it will lead to where more public figures will be likely to be extorted or to be blackmailed.” Paul lamented.

Reports suggest that individuals named within the fake dossier could take legal action against Buzzfeed, for proliferating the salacious material.

The source of the fake narrative that Russia has video of Trump engaging in sexual acts with prostitutes seems to be an ex MI6 agent who worked in Moscow for 20 years. Reports suggest that Christopher Steele was employed by enemies of Trump to dig for ‘dirt’ in Russia. Steele has fled and is in hiding, fearing for his life.

Other reports have suggested that the material was spread by users of the message board 4chan, and then picked up by anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who then sent it to the CIA.

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