REPORT: Mitt Romney Tells Donors That He Is Considering Another Presidential Run

Mitt Romney The Establishment Choice

Mitt Romney told donors Friday that he’s considering a third campaign for president, according to The Wall Street Journal and other outlets.

The 2012 Republican Party nominee reportedly made the remarks at a Manhattan meeting with more than a dozen top GOP donors.

“Everybody in here can go tell your friends that I’m considering a run,” Romney declared, according to Politico reporter Maggie Haberman.

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1 thought on “REPORT: Mitt Romney Tells Donors That He Is Considering Another Presidential Run”

  1. I think he should run. As far and as fast as he can from a nomination for President.
    He should run as a Vice Presidential Candidate to the person that does run. His qualifications as a business executive could make him a very important addition to the team. Being second in charge to the President is only worth as much as the President is willing to give him in the way of jurisdiction over things. A smart leader will place as many talented individuals as he can in that administration.
    I am convinced that we do not have the complete picture of what is going on in the White House.
    The only people that might have an idea of that picture are former Presidents. So much is kept from the public.
    There is way too much stuff that the general public is not aware of and the only ones that are aware of it are leaving in 2016.
    Right now having someone familiar with what is going on with a short learning curve bringing them up on things might be a huge advantage. Mitt Romney should be involved under the President.
    I do not want someone in that office that is just a very hard worker. What is needed is someone that can delegate. Someone that can channel the good advice of very smart people to give us a way out of the financial and strategic disadvantage we now find ourselves in.
    Eisenhower in the 50s was a good example of this. Eisenhower was a general. But he was also a very good leader in that he used the people under him to best advantage.
    We are going to need such an individual to dismantle the situation we are now in and put it back together so that it works. The man at the top has to have one real talent. That talent is the ability to guide others in what needs to be done and back them up when they do it.
    I hope that person is religious enough to go to a private place and pray for the answers needed to get the job done.
    We have runaway government agencies right now. We have corruption. That corruption has to go.
    It is going to take two different kinds of people to straighten it all out. They are going to have to have the cooperation of the Congress to do it. Our Military is going to have to be involved in keeping our country safe. It is all going to have to pull together if we are going to survive.
    No one person can do it alone.
    We are going to require solutions and a whole lot of those solutions are going to have to be thinking outside the accepted thinking we see today. Those solutions are going to have to be based on practical experience as much as book learning. That is where Mr. Romney can make a great contribution to his party.
    As a naturalized citizen, I am not eligible or smart enough to do the job. The one time I was in any kind of political office I realized just how unqualified I was. So I built on people under me that did know more than I did and followed their advice. I was in union office and I was re-elected every 6 months for 7 years. I chose my successor and he was re-elected also many times. During those years I prayed a lot.
    I recommend this only because I think Mr. Romney is not electable as President with his background in business bankruptcy and salvage.
    That same knowledge though will be invaluable to the next person in the job.

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