Reptile expert told to ‘keep mouth shut’ about massive anaconda on the loose in New Jersey

Anaconda - Photo by Daniel10ortegaven

A reptile expert said Friday that he wants to go “on the record” and confirm that New Jersey authorities are searching for an anaconda, not a boa constrictor, in the state’s largest lake.

“I was sworn to keep my mouth shut by local officials to avoid causing a panic,” Gerald Andrejcak, the specialist, told “Now that there’s a panic, I’m going on the record.”

He said when the snake was called a boa, it wasn’t exactly a lie, because the snakes are technically in the same family. However, anacondas, made famous by the 1997 movie starring Jennifer Lopez, can send chills through a community because their diet consists of deer and other large mammals. They also have no natural predators.

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1 thought on “Reptile expert told to ‘keep mouth shut’ about massive anaconda on the loose in New Jersey”

  1. I guess I would like to know if it is a pregnant female.
    I would also like to know how it got there.
    I presume this species lays eggs.
    How independent of the mother are the snake babies? Or has live young?
    Because it is a female and pregnant then we have a much larger problem. If the potential babies are there, and independent from birth, you may have a lot more control problems than you know.

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