Russia can barely afford its monstrous new third-generation super-tank

Russia - Public Domain

On May 9, Russia unveiled its new third-generation Armata tank during its Victory Day parade in Moscow.

The Kremlin hopes the Armata will revolutionize Russia’s ground-based military capabilities. The Armata features considerable upgrades in armor, engine, and armaments compared to previous Russian and Soviet tank models.

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1 thought on “Russia can barely afford its monstrous new third-generation super-tank”

  1. The problem is well examined.
    Financing the new military toy without bankrupting the country.
    I cannot believe that the mistakes of the past are re-occurring. It appears they learned nothing from the war in Afghanistan.
    What is really needed is an inexpensive tank that is totally disposable in warfare without damaging the economy of Russia.
    It needs to be very fast. That means going airborne instead of using treads. That means a complete overhaul and it means lightening up the load as much as possible.
    The only thing that might work would be a submersible tank that can hide in the waters.
    Years ago we built a tank and the Germans bought into another tank. Some genius out there found a vulnerability.
    He walked up to the tank and placed a metal pipe in the track gears. End of tank. Mainly because it could no longer move.
    So shooting a metal pipe with a crossbow into the gear mechanism would destroy this expensive toy? Probably.
    War missiles on horseback? Just as bad for the tank as it is a big target.
    Russia needs to retire their old generals. They obviously are set in their ways.
    What the engineers designed is straight out of WWII.
    If a place with billions of people decided to invade this weapon would die first.
    Not enough flexibility.
    I remember the Russian Combat Helicopters. They were state of the art and very expensive to make.
    So what killed them?
    Afghan horse soldiers with hand carried missiles that could hit and disappear into the night before anyone could kill them.
    So multiple millions of Russian Currency disappeared into the night with them as they destroyed the mechanical weapons of an army.
    I think they were destroying one or more military combat helicopters per day.
    These were lethal weapons Russia had back then. Just like now.
    What I suggest to Russia is the era of World Wars should be over by now. The trick in the future is going to be building nations that are self-supporting and giving everyone a fair chance at a good life. This is idealistic. It is almost impossible as things are today.
    That is why super weapons are parasitic and no plan in war battles ever survives the first ten minutes of a conflict.
    Things rapidly change in warfare. People die that are critical to the material tank’s survival.
    Germany in World War II did something very different. They made the fast war in which armies moved 100s of miles in a day. They walked around the wall that France put up and destroyed their enemies. Tanks were a very big contributor to this warfare.
    If I were doing it today, I would be putting out portable vehicles that could be made for pennies on the dollar. I would minimize the army’s vulnerability with vehicles capable of 100-120 miles per hour. They would be floating at about 20 feet above the ground and moving incredibly fast. They would have powerful light weapons. They would most likely be propeller driven and capable of massive destruction.
    Logistics would be on your side if the vehicle is replaceable even if you lose many of them in combat. And you will lose people and equipment in any war. That is the nature of the event. That is why expensive weapons defeat the very purpose that they are designed to solve.

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