The Saudi king is sick, and markets are watching

Saudi Arabia - Photo by Keepscases

The Saudi stock market fell after King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was hospitalized Wednesday, but any succession for the throne would likely be smooth for the country.

The Saudi royal family announced in March that 79-year-old Crown Prince Salman would succeed the king, and experts said those plans have eased most concerns about an impending transition. In fact, Saudi watchers told CNBC that the country’s oil, domestic and geopolitical policies should remain virtually unchanged when Salman takes over.

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1 thought on “The Saudi king is sick, and markets are watching”

  1. I didn’t realise how old the King is.
    I would suggest that all nations protect themselves against prices going too low.
    Tariffs comes to mind.

    The low price is a proven method of killing off the competitors.
    There is a direct relationship between the price of a dollar and the price of a barrel of oil.
    Meanwhile, I am simply enjoying the price relief at the pump.

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