Scores of giant asteroids on course to hurtle past Earth within the month, NASA reveals

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Some are more than 1km wide and threaten devastating consequences if they were to strike our planet.

Of almost 70 asteroids on the radar most are around 100 metres wide, the size of a double decker bus, and would be capable of causing significant damage.

Experts warn if one of these monsters, some of which travel at up to 70,000 miles an hour, were to hit Earth it could “alter life as we know it”.

Plumes of debris thrown into the atmosphere would change the climate making the planet inhabitable for all life including humans.

An impact would still be catastrophic destroying cities and knocking out transport and communication networks.

According to NASA’s Near Earth Object Programme, there are 68 ‘close approaches’ forecast before the end of next month.

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1 thought on “Scores of giant asteroids on course to hurtle past Earth within the month, NASA reveals”

  1. This is the future. If one of those asteroids is redirected with rockets it just may fall anywhere the altered orbit is projected to or not.
    So instead of a nuclear bomb, there is a multi-ton asteroid invading the atmosphere and moving onto a target.
    At 18,000 miles per hour the asteroid will be reduced to molten lava travelling at enormous speeds.
    The trick here is to aim it in such a way that it doesn’t vaporize coming in. Then you have something more powerful than the biggest Nuclear Weapon out there and there is no way to stop it.
    The laws concerning the Earth and its orbit around the sun are the basics of this weapon. We are rotating at high speed which produces our day and night. Such a weapon could slow that rotation down though it is nonsense to think something that small would have much of an effect. The real threat is heat. If this thing is burning up in our atmosphere to the tune of 5-10 thousand degrees it will spread molten lava over the surface literally burning a city to the ground.
    There are many of these asteroids orbiting between the asteroid belt and Venus. Most are in secure orbits that miss the Earth. Every so often one collides with our planet. Even so, if it hits at the wrong angle it burns up before it reaches us on the surface.
    6/7ths of the Earth’s surface is covered with oceans. So we normally would have a 6 out of 7 chance of it hitting water instead of land.
    That would still produce huge wages traveling over the surface of the planet.
    Most of these asteroids crashing into the Earth happened very long ago. We seldom see one coming about naturally in modern times.
    It does happen. It has been speculated that one hit Siberia in 1908. It leveled a lot of ground.
    If one hit a major city anywhere on this planet at the right angle it would literally vaporize the city.
    Of course this would be the equivalent of a “clean” nuclear bomb.

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