Shock Poll! More than HALF of Muslim-Americans Think They Should be Allowed to be Governed by Sharia Law!

Muslim Poll

Do you still believe that Pamela Geller is wrong about the dangers of Sharia law in America? Well, you shouldn’t be… the latest poll from the Center for Security Policy found some terrifying truth for all Americans.

Over half of Muslims polled believe that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Sharia Law”!

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1 thought on “Shock Poll! More than HALF of Muslim-Americans Think They Should be Allowed to be Governed by Sharia Law!”

  1. I suggest that Muslims need to go back to where they came from and practice their laws there not here. That is the only way to insure we have peace here.
    The resulting nightmare might be an eye-opener for many people caught in this religion. They bring their baggage with them.
    From what I can see, their word is not to be held as truth as they lie to anyone that is not of their religion.
    But like Christianity, their religion is split among many divisions of what in their opinions is required of them.
    I think any nation that takes these people in is foolish. As Great Britain is currently finding out with bombings in public places attributed to Muslim fanatics.
    I suggest we root them all out and send them back where they came from.
    Another solution might be to buy a place and send them all there. Make it a nice place to live. Within a generation, I predict it will be hell on Earth simply because they will bring their baggage with them.
    The rule here is neutrality towards all religions. The rule is free speech. That means all and any religion can be ridiculed legally in this country.
    IF you do not agree to this then perhaps you would be happier in a more restrictive environment in your own country.
    This is not revenge. It is not anger. It is simply being realistic about what we are dealing with. Some concepts and beliefs are not compatible with a free nation. Seeking revenge, hatred, and illegally murdering those that are critical of your belief system is not acceptable here.
    What is likely to happen is America will rise up, place them all in concentration type camps and then evict them from the country.

    That is the ones that escape being killed. America will not tolerate any more Boston type deaths. Sooner or later they will wake up and they will evict the entire group from the country.

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