Street Pastor Attacked and Arrested For Preaching The Gospel

( A Canadian street preacher was arrested after being attacked by LGBTQ protesters in a gay neighborhood in Toronto on Tuesday.

Pastor David Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries has been preaching on the streets of Toronto for the past ten years without any issues.

As part of a 3-day, 22-location street preaching evangelism event being held throughout Toronto this week, Lynn went to the LGBT-oriented community of Church and Wellesley.

A crowd quickly gathered around Lynn and LGBT protesters with flags and signs appeared within minutes to surround and bully him.

The protesters blocked Lynn’s walkway, assaulted him and screamed obscenities at him until police showed up and arrested him for “disturbing the peace.”

A Toronto police officer asked Lynn to stop using his mobile microphone and amplifier and he reluctantly complied to the request so he could continue preaching the word of God.

Despite obeying the officer’s request, Lynn was arrested five minutes later by over ten Toronto Police officers.

See the arrest in the video below:

In a conversation with the communications department of the Toronto Police Department’s 51st division given exclusively to, officers claim Lynn was arrested for “disturbing the peace,” and was “allegedly yelling derogatory comments at passers-by.”

“You can imagine if somebody is yelling things that are disagreeable to a certain community, in that community, there’s going to be a reaction,” the communications department stated.

Continuing, police said his “conduct was determined to be criminal” and that people were “clearly disturbed” and “appalled” by the comments being made.

Lynn will appear live on The Alex Jones Show Friday, 11-3 p.m. CST, to detail the events and break down the worldwide war being waged against free speech and Christianity.

See Lynn’s official press release about the incident here: