Superbugs could ‘cast the world back into the dark ages’

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The world could be “cast back into the dark ages of medicine” where people die from treatable infections because deadly bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, David Cameron has warned.

The Prime Minister has called for governments and drug companies around the world to work together to “accelerate” the discovery of a new generation of antibiotics.

His intervention comes amid fears in the medical profession that manageable illnesses like pneumonia and tuberculosis could kill huge numbers of people like they did early in the twentieth century.

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1 thought on “Superbugs could ‘cast the world back into the dark ages’”

  1. The competition is driving the drug companies and doctors nuts.
    Tumeric? Garlic? Vitamin D? Vitamin C? All over the counter and just as effective as the prescriptions handed out by the Doctors? I am not a doctor and I simply do not know.
    Antibiotics are not effective against viruses. Yet a lot of the problems modern people have come from viruses. We have at most 5-10 treatments for viruses that I know about.
    I think it is a question of money. It takes an enormous amount of money to develop drugs for treatment against disease.
    Our drug companies also have to get the treatments approved by the insurance industry even after they have went through the gauntlet of the FDA approval system.
    That all takes huge amounts of money.
    Then if someone came up with a pill that cured most cancers, I maintain the doctors would keep it off the market even if they had to kill a few people.
    Same goes for any other cash cow in their back pockets.
    Does anyone else find it a little strange that we spend billions of dollars a year to cure basic human diseases and have very little to show for it?
    Take the two forms of Diabetes that are common out there.
    Type One-the pancreas has shut down and you are permanently on insulin shots.
    ‘Type Two-the insulin has developed resistance factors that keep it from being used. Common relatively safe treatment being Metformin. All other treatments have some rather nasty side effects and a lot of them have been removed from the market.
    Type two plus one. The pancreas has partially shut down from overwork and the person is now on insulin the same as a type one. This is a permanent change.
    The islet cells are not produced by the pancreas. By accident, they found that it was produced in another organ of the body and transported to the Kidneys from that organ. Don’t hear of anyone doing anything about that do you? A lot of diabetics could be reversed if they could accelerate that production to produce a new crop of islet cells.
    I would think a drug to accelerate the production of islet cells over a period of time would be first priority of the drug industry and the doctors. Money talks. Patients become cash cows for three industries. Insurance and Medical people, and the lawyers that dictate how a disease must be treated tying the hands of any honest doctors out there.

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