A Crack in an Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in the Last Two Months

A rapidly advancing crack in Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf has scientists concerned that it is getting close to a full break. The rift has accelerated this year in an area already vulnerable to warming temperatures. Since December, the crack has grown by the length of about five football fields each day.

The crack in Larsen C now reaches over 100 miles in length, and some parts of it are as wide as two miles. The tip of the rift is currently only about 20 miles from reaching the other end of the ice shelf.

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The Big Thaw On Earth’s Hidden Mysteries? “Antarctica Ready To Give Up Secrets”

Antarctica Pyramid - YouTube

There are a lot of wild, fantastical claims about what really goes on under the ice in Antarctica. But there is also a lot of documented strangeness concerning Nazi UFOs, U.S. admirals and a post-war fight for dominance of the South Pole.

Is it possible that this lonely continent has become strategically important not only for military reasons, but because an understanding in technology and science connects to the importance of the place itself on the planet? Many ancient sites on every continent have been proven to line up with the stars, the sun at winter solstice, etc., and many have also been connected to energetic lay line sites on the earth’s grid. Whether you chalk up this stuff to fantasy or just the unknown, there could be a powerful archaeological and technological importance to this vast unknown continent that may emerge as the ice cracks, and as explorers in the digital world of satellite imagery look for answers to questions long buried underneath.

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Satellite spots MASSIVE object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica


It stretches for a distance of 151 miles across and has a maximum depth of about 848 meters.

Some researchers believe it is the remains of a truly massive asteroid which was more than twice the size of the Chicxulub space rock which wiped out the dinosaurs.

If this explanation is true, it could mean this killer asteroid caused the Permian–Triassic extinction event which killed 96 percent of Earth’s sea creatures and up to 70 percent of the vertebrate organisms living on land.

However, the wilder minds of the internet have come up with their own theories, with some conspiracy theorists claiming it could be a massive UFO base or a portal to a mysterious underworld called the Hollow Earth.

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The Ice Is Cracking in Antarctica. “Pyramids” Have Been Spotted. Is a Secret Past Emerging?


There are secrets in Antarctica. You can sense them from thousands of miles away.

And they are starting to come out.

A giant crack in the ice has freed an iceberg the size of a small U.S. state, and it will ignite the climate change/global warming debate; but this change will also offer unique perspective on the geological history that has never before been known. Ice is accumulating rapidly in one part of the continent, but melting in the other.

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