Katie Troutman: “It Looked Like Black Friday Shopping, Except With Food”

Several years ago, Katie Troutman had a series of very alarming dreams about great chaos coming to America very suddenly.  In light of what has happened over the past couple of weeks, I think now is the time to revisit those dreams…

By Katie Troutman


In August 2016, I received three very intense dreams, more intense than any of my previous dreams and much different than usual, more like a vision in which I was actually there in the middle of it all. Each dream lasted all night long. The increased intensity was extremely scary to me.

These dreams started the moment I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the restroom and fell back asleep, I went right back into the dream and entered the same scenario again, ALL night long until morning. They weren’t multi-faceted, not going in different directions as dreams usually do, but all the same theme, unchanging.

Each dream warned of a coming famine, great despair, and homelessness for thousands of American citizens.

In one dream, I knew something had happened, but I didn’t know what. I knew we had one last trip to the grocery store. Everyone there was panic stricken, but there was so much food because the store had it pulled out from the back in anticipation of the hordes of people coming. It looked like Black Friday shopping, except with food. Everyone was out for themselves trying to store as much as they could get knowing we might not get another chance.

I had two carts and my husband had one cart. We were trying to stock up on lots of meat. I asked my husband to watch the carts while I ran to get something else. While I was gone, he got distracted looking at something else and someone stole my two carts. I remember thinking then and throughout the whole dream, “Gosh the stealing and violence started earlier than I thought it would.”

When we went back to fill our carts again, most of the food items were already gone. Even though the store started with extra stock, it disappeared very fast.

This dream went on all night. I woke up went to the bathroom and went back to sleep then I was back in the grocery store stocking up and people were doing the same we all knew famine was here. That was the theme of the dream and it never changed. God was driving the point to me that this was it. The message I got from it was, “Make your final preparations and cover your bases. Famine is close.”

My next dream was similar in that something had happened, but again I did not know what it was, but thousands of people were roaming the streets. These were good people, men in office attire with their shirts hanging out. They were just worn out looking, shaking and disoriented. They looked tired and so hopeless. They walked the streets, thousands upon thousands of them. There were no words to describe the despair. It was unimaginable.

There were gas stations open. I was riding in a truck and was just observing everything and everyone. No one was giving food out. Everyone was fending for themselves. This mass of people were all homeless and it was like I was just there in the middle of it all, watching them all night long. As I watched them wandering, I saw their depression and sadness. Our world was a much different place.

I wish I could convey the intensity and how I observed different people. It was just so much more intense than a regular dream.

I felt like God was letting me know that it was near by the way He allowed me to dream all night. It was like it was here right now… and left me with a sense of urgency to get the last preparations done.

I believe what the Lord was showing me was these things are VERY close. PLEASE, PLEASE PREPARE your homes, your families, your friends as much as you are able. Think about security, draw close to Him while it’s normal. Fast and seek God. Fill yourself with Him, even if you hear nothing. Fill yourself with HIM/His Word. Prepare Physically and Spiritually. Prepare your young children to understand the times and change that WILL come prepare them now to accept and to understand what and why the Lord would allow this. I feel this very strongly as I write this. Help the children understand that calamity and suffering brings repentance in hard hearted people and that God is so loving, He allows His own children to suffer for the good of all mankind.

Stay focused on Heaven and your eternal home when these things happen. Let it bring you joy and know your redemption draweth nigh.

He is with us. No matter what we go through He is there. Even when we feel like our backs are against the wall and there’s no option. He IS there. Our God does not abandon us. We might have times where we feel like He has forsaken us, but in those times that’s where we choose to believe anyway. That is when we press in and have faith in the HOLY ONE.

Brothers and sisters, God loves us and we will make it through to the other side if we hold onto our belief and all that it entails. Hold onto Jesus in these trials and don’t loose your faith. Those who endure until the end will inherit the KINGDOM of God.

What I saw was extreme famine and one last chance to go to the grocery store. I saw people that were shaking and displaced with no home to go to. We will never be prepared for what I was shown. Only through God will we make it.
Even in our despair, just as Christ was being beaten and crucified in his agony and despair, we must give them Jesus! We must lead them to Him. Fill them with His Spirit and great will be our reward. Encourage and we will be encouraged. Impart Him to everyone that will hear and receive.

We are a mighty army and the devil fears the remnant of the Living GOD. We will do the works that Jesus did and greater because He said so. God bless you all.

“He will protect us even in our suffering”

In this day and age, a lot of people are afraid to open up with others because they might get hurt, and that is very understandable.  There are a lot of mean and cruel people out there, and that is even true in the Church.  Katie Troutman recently emailed me a dream and some thoughts about her past, and she is very open about what she has been through in her life.  All of us have scars, and talking about God has brought us through them can be part of the healing process.  Here is what Katie wants to share with us…

I woke up twenty three years ago, early on a Sunday morning , from a dream with my alarm clock going off.

I dreamed that I was in a school auditorium. There were large windows that ran the length of one entire wall in the auditorium. The Windows went from floor to almost ceiling.

You could see the entire sky outside.
It was dark and gloomy looking.
The sky was black and purplish.
I was standing on the platform with a microphone in my hand looking out the window. Three funnel clouds, like black tornados were swirling outside.

I started asking people if they wanted to get saved . I led them in a sinners prayer.

After we prayed I started jumping up and down rejoicing and shouting very loudly in the microphone. ” The storm can’t touch you now ! HALLELUAH! ” HALLELUAH!

I said over and over again, “You’re safe the storm can’t touch you . Praise the Lord ! You are safe from the storm now! HALLELUAH!”

Then I put the microphone by my side and turned to walk off the platform…. in my underwear. I looked at myself embarrassed and I woke up to my alarm wondering why I was in my underwear preaching.

I knew the dream was from God but I could not understand the underwear part.

I was a young mom and had been saved a few years at that point.

I got up and asked , ” God, I know that was from you but why was I in my underwear? ”

Went on to get the kids ready for church and fed them breakfast, got them dressed and their hair fixed. Then as I had gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed.. I was in front of the mirror and I remembered the dream and thought about it some more puzzled as to why I was naked on stage.

I went to put on my hose and they had a run in them . I had to go a different direction to church that morning so I could stop by the store.

After I left the store and was on the road again.. also running late. I saw a sign in front of a church and it said,
When you are naked before the. LORD. that is when He can use you!

I thought. OH MY GOSH! Thank you Lord for explaining that to me . Now it makes sense.

So, we got into church and had missed praise and worship. We sat down and then the preacher said the same exact thing.

So, I knew God was speaking to me.

At the time I thought it was just a personal dream and I sure had alot to go through and learn at that point.

Years, I definitely would not want to repeat for sure.

I was coming out of a life of abuse and many, many hardships and rough patches lay ahead for us.

Through it all. I learned the lesson of the dream . It took many years to learn but when I did I was put into ministry in a church and was an evangelist in a couple counties. I also wrote for a. Christian. Magazine called Faith and. FAMILY.

I was put on the radio and interviewed concerning my testimony and it all happened basically overnight but after many long years in the. wilderness.

God had to teach me that I am nothing without Him. That what I think or my opinion doesn’t really matter. Not in a negative or abusive manner/ way. But in a face to the ground , on my knees. You are God ALONE kind of way.

It’s about Him and ONLY HIM. It’s not what I want or even what I think I may need in life.

– But for me it was about the hardcore lessons found in the book of Job and the wisdom found in the book of Ecclisiastes.

I was broken, lost everything in my life.
Wounded, had an abuser attempt to kill me.
Cut open from head to toe. I had a severed nerve in my left leg from the cut that left me with no feeling in my leg. I could go on and on at how my life didn’t go as you would desire your life to go.

I wanted to die. There were many years of tremendous grief but through it all He was there for me. He was my friend, my very best friend and He was my father. He held me when I had. No one there and he carried me through the fire ! He truly did.

I learned the lesson of My dream right before the storms rolled in. Right before it was time to learn that we live in the end of times.

I learned to be open. He is glorified in an open book. When you admit you are nothing and He is everything.

When you don’t try to hide and act like you’re perfect because you’re in ministry but just the opposite. You are open and naked before Him and all the people you encounter so that He can use you because you have no pride because you know you’re nothing without Him. He gives me breath but I am mere dust.
It’s an agenda for Him for one purpose and that’s saving souls from Hell. Healing the sick, delivering tormented people and declaring the name that is above EVERY name… JESUS!

I realized that this dream is important to share because there are lots of hurting people in the world that need HOPE.
HOPE for what’s to come but also for right now.
Lots of people put a smile on their face and hide the tears and pain behind it.

The people God showed me in that dream all those years ago were desperate for him because a huge storm was brewing outside and they wanted safety.
We need safety from the storm that’s coming and it’s only found in JESUS CHRIST.

He is the way the truth and the Life.
He will protect us even in our suffering.
He will be there right beside us because He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Amen! He is our rock and our MIGHTY FORTRESS IN WHOM WE TRUST!




I want to tell you that the storm can’t touch you if you are saved and washed in His blood.
We May suffer for a night but His joy comes in the morning.

No matter where you are or what you are going through just love Him and SEEK to live a holy life that is pleasing to him. Just talk to Him about everything and create a new habit in your life.
Draw close to HIM. For He is a rewarder of those who diligently SEEK Him!

Stand naked before him. No holes barred, just as you are and come to a loving father who knows your sins and wants to heal and deliver you from each one.

There IS nothing that can separate you from His love and care .

The storm can’t touch us now!!
HALLELUAH to the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

In His Love,

Katie Troutman: “I was screaming to people at the end begging them to get on the truck with us and no one would”

In this hour, God is impressing upon so many people the urgency of what we are facing, but most of the church refuses to listen.  A “perfect storm” is rapidly approaching, and yet even most believers have no idea that it is coming.  Katie Troutman just emailed me two dreams, and the one that I want to share with you today really fits with this theme…

I had a dream approximately seven years ago. This was before I knew a storm was actually coming.

This , was a wake up dream from my best friend and Heavenly Father.

I love him so much and looking back, I am so grateful that He spoke to me in this way.

Now, I know t hat I know with certainty what is coming.

I know because He showed me through vivid, detailed, God inspired dreams with His thumbprint on each one. Just like the book of Joel speaks of in the latter days when He pours his spirit out on all flesh.
I know they are true because each one I had at the time I had zero knowledge of anything like this happening.

They were all either full of scripture or Him standing right there or His voice or instructuons. Or geographical locations that I knew nothing about … shape nor size. Yet, He showed me the exact shape that’s on the map.

The thing I am most grateful to Him for is that at the same time He was waking me up and giving me all of these dreams unbeknownst to me he was giving them to ALL of you as well!

Isn’t He wonderful? He did things in such a way with each of us personally that nothing or no ones efforts could shake or change what we know is true and surely to come at some point in time.

This is the fIrst dream I had about a storm coming to North Carolina.

My husband and I worked at one of our local churches at the time.

In the dream my pastor and His wife as well as my husband and myself were on the beach in North Carolina.

There was a HUGE storm coming in … like a hurricane with really strong wind gusts.

The wind was blowing with so much force you could hardly stand.

God had me say in the dream ” A storm is coming, a storm is coming. ” ” We have to leave. ”
– But NO-ONE would listen to me.

I kept telling my pastor but he wouldn’t listen to me. In fact in the dream it showed him ignoring me warning him that a storm was coming and that we had to leave NOW. Instead he was trying to set up a church service over the water and down the pier.

I kept thinking he’s not hearing me and he’s taking people into the water.

What is he doing?!

Why won’t he listen to me?

The scene changed from me trying to convince him to leave to standing on the beach in the sand , winds blowing , facing my husband . It was so weird what God had him doing.
I didn’t understand it at the time until later when I understood all of this is really going to happen and what most people act like when you warn them about the ‘storms ‘ that are coming.

I was facing my husband and He was about ten feet away. Winds were blowing so strong you could barely hear and I said, ” A huge storm is coming and we have to get out of here. ”

He said , really alongated ” I-t-s —- okayyyyy – Itsssss alrighttttt” —–

I wish there was a way to convey how God had him say it in the dream and he kept saying it’s okay it’s alright to everything I said standing on that beach , sand in our toes with a huge storm coming!

I was like we’ve gotta go . We have to get out of here.

It’s okayyyy … It’s Allllrightttt….
and my pastor was trying to have church service on the water!

The scene changed and the storm was rolling in while we were loading into a moving

I HAD no idea at the time what that meant.

I kept wondering why a huge moving truck?

Well, a few years later I’d find out.

We needed to move from our home state due to what God was going to show me in the future.

I guess looking back, this was my first intro into the storm on the East Coast of America.

So, that is how the Lord ended that night vision. We we’re trying to evacuate in a tremendous sized moving truck as the storm was approaching and I was trying hard to convince every one I could that this was real and they needed to leave but nobody got it.

They were all fine and operating business as usual. I was screaming to people at the end begging them to get on the truck with us and no one would.

In His Love,
Katie Troutman

Katie Troutman: “I looked in the sky to the left of us and there was a mushroom cloud in the sky”

In Joel chapter 2, we are told that God would pour out His spirit and give dreams and visions to His servants in the last days…

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

So if these are the last days, we would expect to see this happening, and it most definitely is happening.

One thing that many are being shown in dreams and visions is the great nuclear war that is coming.  For example, here is a dream that Katie Troutman was given about nine years ago…

I had a dream approximately nine years ago.

God was using this to wake us up to what was coming to America.

In the dream, my husband and I and my daughter were in our living room , when we heard a loud noise.

We looked outside and a nuclear explosion had just taken place. We got our two dogs and began running to the car. I looked in the sky to the left of us and there was a mushroom cloud in the sky. We got into the car and drove to the hospital. They had showers set up outside the main doors for everybody to wash off with before being allowed to come into the hospital.

I woke up showering off the debris.

I had no clue at that time about any of this.

I knew My dreams were from God but I still didn’t get it yet or even really understand.

I had never heard of anyone sharing these type of dreams either.

It was one in a series of dreams that myself and my daughter both were beginning to have about end time events.

In His Love,
Katie Troutman

Katie Troutman: “I had a dream about terrorism in America”

I am so thankful that men and women all over America are stepping forward and sharing the warnings that the Lord has been giving to them for this nation.  Many have seen that there will be a tremendous surge in terrorism in the last days, and what I have to share with you today is a perfect example.  Katie Troutman recently sent me this dream by email, and I hope that it is a great encouragement to all of you…

I was given this dream about eight to nine years ago. We had been to a revival service at church that night and it was late, about 1 am when we got home and we were due back at five am if we wanted to attend that service.

A prophet was leading the services and felt in his Spirit to do a five am service. We were so excited to go back because there was a lot of personal ministry taking place with each person. We only had ‘naptime’ that night but it was so worth it.

When the service was ending my daughter and I were sitting on the stairs at the alter talking with him and he looked over at me and said Katie, never stop seeking God like you do. You are about to see the reward of that labor in your life and then he said God is also about to do something new in your dream life.

I had always gotten dreams from God before that time but they weren’t as frequent as what was getting ready to happen.

We went home and went to sleep. We were so exhausted. I woke up from a new dream, the very day He had spoken it.

I had a dream about terrorism in America. We were all lined up in a large pond out in the middle of it. We were all Christians and men in black robes were standing on the bank of the pond and had us lined up to shoot us in the water.

I was really scared and all of the sudden Jesus spoke to me and said “Katie, fall back in the water and do everything I tell you to do. You will never even feel the sting of death if you do this.”

I woke up and had no idea what was going on.

Previously, most of my dreams were spending time with God or Him instructing me in my life or revealing something to me, prayer burdens and things like that.

This was an intense one where I was scared I was going to be killed.

This was the beginning of a series of end time dreams I would have that would wake me and my family up to the times we were going to enter.

I also began having increased dreams in other areas as well. I dream alot now. Almost constantly. God tells me the future of things through dreams. He tells me about things with my family and they come to pass. About different situations and lots of end time dreams.

In the very beginning Jesus gave me a beautiful diamond ring in a dream and put it on my finger.

That was within less than a year of that prophecy.

What I learned from Him in that time. Was persistence pays off and to DILIGENTLY SEEK the Lord with all of your heart regardless of your circumstances God truly is a rewarder of those who diligently SEEK Him.

I am no one special. I am no different than my next door neighbor. I used to be a wretched sinner but God saved me and He changed my life through intimacy with Him, constant communion, denying my flesh and OBEDIENCE to ALL of His word.

I wanted to take the time to share not only the dream but the process that led to it and encourage anyone who reads this to deny yourself and seek him with all of your heart

He has good things for you. Yes, there are not so good things also in life. Many in fact but drawing closer to Him brings His JOY into your heart and you can then go through it with grace and ease and you can truly say, I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who straightens me.

Bless you today. We won’t even feel the sting of death as His child if we obey ALL that he says.

25 Years Ago, Katie Troutman Was Vividly Shown What The Executions During The Tribulation Period Would Look Like

The Scriptures tell us that the persecution of Christians during the Tribulation period will be extremely brutal, and even now the persecution of believers is on the rise all over the planet.  Just recently, Katie Troutman sent me a series of key prophetic dreams that she has had over the years, and this first one that I am going to share with you is deeply alarming.  About 25 years ago she had a dream in which she saw what the executions of Christians during the Tribulation period would look like, and it is extremely sobering…

I had a dream approximately 25 years ago that I knew was from God. I was a young Christian at the time of only a few years.

While I didn’t understand it’s full meaning until recently, I understood enough , for that season of my life.

I had just gotten home from church and laid down to take a nap. I woke up sweating and crying and shaking back and forth.

This was the first end time dream I had ever gotten. Although at the time, I didn’t realize that is what is was.

It was also the scariest one I ever would receive.

It was so vivid and real. I remember it as if it were a lifetime memory, a place I had been and people I talked too. I have carried it and others with me all of these years.

This is a hard one to share or even talk about because honestly it is my greatest fear.
Now that I have understanding of what this place probably is.

I was in what looked like a huge warehouse.
It was dark and dingy almost pitch black.
There was a conveyor that went straight up to a tower. It looked like a guard tower in the middle and to the side of this humongous warehouse room.

There were tons of people packed in there.
It felt like I was around a bunch of criminals.
They were all dirty and they were bloody and maimed.

All of the sudden I was sitting at the top of the guard tower by the conveyor belt. I was sitting on the platform with my knees up to my chest crying because I didn’t want to be there.

It felt so dirty and gross. I was scared.

They had people strapped on the conveyor belt coming up one by one and they were beheading them.

I didn’t know at the time this was going to become our reality. I was young and just growing in the Lord.

A man that was strapped on the conveyor came up and reached out his hand to me.
He was all bloody and one of his eyes was hurt badly. I didn’t want to take his hand . I kept rocking back and forth saying I don’t want to be here, please God, I don’t want to be here.

The man looked at me in the eyes reaching out his hand and said “Please talk to me. ”
and I said ” I don’t wanna talk to you. I don’t wanna be here. ”

He said to me. “Please talk to me, you’re the last voice I will ever hear.”

All of the sudden a light went off in my head that I could see physically. It shone brightly in the darkness and I thought I have to tell them about Jesus. I have to get them saved.
I only had thirty seconds for each person and they came so fast. I was literally racing as fast as I could. Telling them you are going to go to hell if you don’t get saved by Jesus Christ and I led them very quickly in a sinners prayer and boom the next person was up and the person I had just talked to was killed.

One by one they came. I didn’t think I had enough time, I remember feeling so much pressure. There was no time left and I was tripping over the words because I had to race so fast. I was telling them , ” Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God and He died on the cross for your sins? He rose on the third day and defeated the devil so that you could be saved. Now say it with your mouth. Jesus is my Lord. ” – and then they were beheaded.

I woke up crying literally and saying no, no, no and shaking back and forth.

I didn’t know at 21 years old what it was exactly I had just dreamt of
My understanding was simple. People are going to hell and I need to tell then about Jesus. I didn’t understand until maybe seven or eight years ago what it really meant

I hope I never find myself in that place. It wasn’t a pleasant experience…thats for sure.
– But I have an understanding of what that place is now.

I’m older now. Emotionally speaking, I have the word of God built into the tablet of my heart and mind. I understand that I’m not to walk by feelings but by faith in the Son of God.

I understand that to die is gain but I’m still scared of that place I saw and knowing its probably a reality for me and maybe some of you reading this.

Truthfully speaking, I still don’t wanna be there and I am afraid it’s my fate.

I pray every day for God to deliver me from that but as I’m writing this , I realize I need to pray for His strength and that if Jesus went through what He did for me. I can suffer for a little while.

We need to save them and pull them from the fire. They are dirty but so are we.

Katie Troutman

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