Video: Liberals Think That Donald Trump Is Worse Than ISIS

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Who is the greatest threat to the United States? Of all the bad guys in the entire world, who is the baddest of them all?  Well, as you will see in the video posted below, many liberals in New York City apparently believe that Donald Trump is even worse than ISIS.  This just shows how out of touch most Americans are these days.  There are hordes of radical jihadists that would love to kill us all and turn this nation into an Islamic hellhole, and yet Donald Trump is supposedly a bigger problem than all of them.  Check out the video…

Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate The 4th Of July

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With Americans set to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, Mark Dice illustrated that many beachgoers in San Diego don’t even know when the Declaration of Independence was signed or what the 4th of July even represents.

When asked, “What country famously broke away from England to start their own country in the late 1700’s,” one man responded, “I have no idea man, I don’t know.”

Asked what Americans were celebrating on the 4th of July, another woman said that Independence Day was to recognize “the day that we overtook the south….it’s our independence….from the south,” a reference to the civil war which took place almost a hundred years later.

Another woman was also almost a century out of date with her knowledge, guessing that Abraham Lincoln signed the Declaration of Independence. She then topped her ignorance again by claiming that this occurred in 1964.

When a man is asked, “What country did we declare our independence from, his wife responds, “California,” before the man says, “I don’t know,” but still assures Dice that he will be celebrating the occasion anyway.

Yet another woman was unable to name one of the founding fathers of America, while a man walked away as soon as he heard the question.

It was left to a man on vacation from Italy to finally answer correctly that America celebrated its independence from Britain in 1776.

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