Tea Party Attorney: IRS ‘Lying’ About Lerner Emails

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A high-profile attorney representing many conservative groups suing the IRS for harassment over their applications for tax-exempt status isn’t buying the federal government’s claim that more than two years of critical emails are suddenly missing, and she is demanding answers.

On Friday, the IRS announced that emails to and from former Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner were missing between the beginning of 2009 and mid-2011, the exact stretch in which the tea party was swelling in activity and political influence.

“Just when you think they can’t think of anything more bizarre to say that they’ve done or not done, then they come up with this,” said Cleta Mitchell, a highly regarded Washington attorney who is suing the IRS on behalf of True the Vote and other groups alleging IRS misconduct.

“They are required under many court decisions and many federal statutes to retain information that would be discoverable and relevant on issues related to litigation,” she said.

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1 thought on “Tea Party Attorney: IRS ‘Lying’ About Lerner Emails”

  1. Perhaps we should ask Mr. Snowden for his copy of her Emails? It is as likely as anything else we might excuse. Things like: My dog ate my homework before I could bring it to class.
    Kidding aside, ALL Data, is backed up either daily or weekly and is still there somewhere. In any Email situation there is a sender and a receiver. So the receiver of said Email also had a computer crash?
    Did said Email get stored on laptops used at home by the sender? I think I would want to know if the used Microsoft Internet Explorer or one of the other mail software like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
    I would fire the IT techs. They obviously went looking for the emails in a process to make sure no one might have them. Unless they were completely purged, one of those hard drives might have incomplete copies as only the first character of the file name is destroyed unless it is deliberately done otherwise for security reasons.
    Were they by chance using a YAHOO Account? They might have backups.
    Got to keep those Techs employed destroying evidence!
    Despite the obvious lawbreaking, nothing will be done to any of them.

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