Ted Koppel Is Buying Freeze-Dried Food For When A Massive Cyberattack Takes Out The Electrical Grid

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Most Americans have absolutely no idea how incredibly vulnerable our electrical grid is, but Ted Koppel does. For many years, Koppel was the level-headed host of Nightline on ABC, but now he is issuing a very chilling warning to America. For more than a year, he investigated potential threats to our power grid, and he has detailed what he discovered in a new book entitled “Lights Out“. He is convinced that a massive cyberattack could take down our entire electrical grid for an extended period of time, and he was horrified to learn that the Department of Homeland Security really doesn’t have a plan for how to deal with this kind of a scenario.

What Koppel found out during the course of his investigation freaked him out so much that he actually decided to buy freeze-dried food for himself, his children, and even his grandchildren. The following comes from CBS News

In “Lights Out,” Koppel paints a grim picture of a paralyzing power outage in the form of an all-out cyberattack on the nation’s electrical grid.

“It’s frightening,” Koppel said. “I mean, it is frightening enough that my wife and I decided we were going to buy enough freeze-dried food for all of our kids and their kids.”

Koppel believes that Russia, China and Iran already have the ability to conduct such attacks. And actually, the truth is that many other nations such as North Korea have been rapidly developing the capability to conduct such operations as well.

It is only a matter of time until we see absolutely massive cyberattacks unleashed against national power grids, and the United States is the most likely target. Unfortunately for us, our government has done very little to prepare for this eventuality. Here is more from CBS News

Koppel says the one agency that would be ready to counter a cyberattack such as this is the Department of Homeland Security. But are they ready?

“No,” he said. “I’ve talked to every former Secretary of Homeland Security, and they all acknowledge there is no plan.”

And the current Secretary, Jeh Johnson, didn’t offer much guidance to Koppel, either: “I kept asking ‘What’s the plan?’ Why wait until disaster strikes? Why not tell ’em? Do you have a plan?’ And he just sort of pointed up at a shelf filled with white binders and he said, ‘Look, I’m sure there’s something up there somewhere.'”

But we have been warned. In fact, just recently there was a major congressional hearing about this. At that hearing, one member of Congress explained that there is a significant attack on our power grid once every four days

Such attacks hit the nation’s electric grid once every four days, according to estimates, Rep. Randy Weber, a Texas Republican, said at the House Subcommittee on Research and Technology hearing. The session was focused on better protecting the nation’s power grid and identifying its vulnerability to cyberattacks.

In over 300 cases of significant cyber and physical attacks since 2011, suspects have never been identified,” Weber said.

And of course it isn’t just a cyberattack that we need to be concerned about. As I wrote about just over a month ago, a giant electromagnetic pulse either from the sun or from a weapon could fry our grid at any time as well.

Perhaps this is not something that you are making preparations for personally, but the White House sure is. According to the Houston Chronicle, the White House just released a plan that details how it would respond to an EMP event…

The White House Thursday released a contingency plan for about the most terrifying scenario possible: a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that wipes out the power grid.

Just imagine no more cell phones, Internet, credit cards, gas pumps, running water, electric lights or industry in a single fateful moment.

It could come from a solar flare that sends ultra-high-energy particles cascading toward the earth, frying every electrical transformer they encounter. So the White House, in conjunction with 24 other federal agencies, published a “National Space Weather Strategy” and accompany action plan, outlining a response if such a disaster were to occur.

I don’t know if any of us can really imagine how crazy things would get if the lights went out and never came back on. We have all become so incredibly dependent on computers, cell phones, televisions, ATMs, heating and cooling systems, credit card readers, gas pumps, cash registers, refrigerators, hospital equipment etc. What would life be like if suddenly we couldn’t use any of those things anymore?

At some point there will be a massive power grid failure. It is just a matter of time. And as space weather consultant John Kappenman recently told Gizmodo, when it happens power might not be restored for months or even years…

“If you take electricity away, either immediately or within a short period of time, you’ll suffer the failure of all critical infrastructure,” Kappenman said. This includes things like water, sewage treatment, gas stations, banks and hospitals. “One of the concerns that we have is that in the worst case scenarios, we could be looking at weeks, months, maybe even years before restoration of the grid.”

That’s why preppers are taking a longer view. “I have a five year supply of food for employees and family,” a source who requested anonymity told Gizmodo. This individual says he’s rigged up a 12.5 kW solar array in the “remote wilderness,” complete with “power outlets and water spigots about every 50 feet” to support a small fleet of RV trailers for the long haul. Other preppers agree that a multi-year food and water supply is crucial. Some are also stockpiling large quantities of medications (“five year supplies of meds can be obtained from Asia without prescriptions,” one source told Gizmodo).

For much more on what we could potentially be facing, I encourage you to check out the following articles…

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So how can we get prepared? The YouTube video that I have posted below was produced by Infowars, and it contains advice from renowned survivalist experts including James Wesley Rawles. I think that you will find it to be very helpful…


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  1. As we read, Paris has had an attack by ISIS. France is on the verge of War with ISIS. The next target? Probably Britain. or US.
    Donald is back in business making statements about Iowa being stupid. I can think of a number of more diplomatic approaches. Such as a question and answer sheet rather than a public insult. Ignorance is not a crime but it is fixable.
    Obama says ISIS is contained . . . Which leads to a more important question about the treaty with Iran? Are we still going to go forward with it? If not, where is our little matter of 150 billion dollars? There is a little question of Iran being possibly loyal to the wrong bedfellows such as ISIS and a lot of anti-American speeches.
    The Democrat debate closes down early due to boredom.
    The latest Windows 10 update stops cold at about 44% because of a compatibility issue with SD cards. The Update is huge.
    The latest Windows 10 deletes competing applications. Can you say “antitrust” once again . . .
    There are issues with privacy.
    All of which effects the way our economy is going to operate in the near future.
    Re-install your apts? It appears to be amateur time at Microsoft once again.
    Meantime, back at the White House, there is a little matter of illegal immigration and its possible effect on our national security and possible ISIS infiltration which could lead to another Paris.
    Which leads to the Congress. When is enough, enough!
    When do we explicitly blame a scapegoat for the Congress being asleep during all of this?
    As for those illegals here, the 64,000 dollar question to me is: Are they registered for the DRAFT if there is a World War with ISIS?
    Are they paying taxes on what they earn?

  2. If we have to have a Dept. of Homeland Security, it should be helmed by someone who is honest and competent, not someone with an agenda other than its’ stated mission.

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