Texas court rules against homeschoolers who expected rapture and stopped teaching kids

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A Texas court ruled this month that parents who allegedly stopped homeschooling their kids because they believed Jesus Christ was returning to Earth were not exempt from state education regulations.

According to a ruling last week by the Texas Eighth District Court of Appeals, Michael McIntyre and Laura McIntyre removed their nine children from a private school in 2004 to homeschool them.

Michael McIntyre’s twin brother, Tracy, testified that the parents used empty space in a motorcycle dealership that he co-owned as a classroom. But Tracy said that he never saw the children reading books, using computers or doing arithmetic. Instead, the children were seen playing instruments and singing.

“Tracy overhead one of the McIntyre children tell a cousin that they did not need to do schoolwork because they were going to be raptured,” the court document noted.

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3 thoughts on “Texas court rules against homeschoolers who expected rapture and stopped teaching kids”

  1. I’m a Christian, but I feel that what the parents of these children did was wrong. The return of Jesus Christ is the blessed hope of the believer, and we’re to be vigilant. But we don’t know the day of the Lord’s return, so we can’t relinquish our responsibilities.

    I used to fellowship with a very gifted Christian man. He is a great teacher, and I learned a lot about the Bible from him. In 1996 this man began making predictions for the Rapture. Being a very intelligent, charismatic and persuasive man, he had many Christians, including myself, convinced of his date for the Rapture. When his first prediction failed we were all very disappointed. But he came up with another date and then another. Needless to say, all of his predictions have been wrong. As I matured in my faith, I realized that this man was full of pride and that he was leading other believers astray. So I separated from him. And eventually other believers did as well.

    • That illustrates why we must always remain vigilant and dependent upon seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a very crafty enemy that constantly seeks out our weak points. Pride is just one of many.

      1 Peter 5:8
      Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

      Even from the loftiest heights of fellowship with the Lord, anyone is capable of falling.

  2. I, too, expect the Rapture to occur soon.
    I have no illusions that it might not occur during my lifetime. Historically, I would be correct. If I am wrong about that then I will be one person of many to be with Him when he returns. The back side of that is that Jesus knows every little thing you have ever done in your life. The hypocrites are going to be in a whole lot of trouble when he does return. I guess I am saying if you are right with God, then it will be a joyful occasion when he returns for his sheep.
    Only God, the head of the Trinity, makes those decisions and no one knows WHEN it might occur.
    The real reason most people educate their children at home is content. At least at home they are getting education on a one-to-one basis and not a 1 to 30 or 1 to even 40 children in a class.
    It is very hard work to home school children. You can figure on at least 4-6 hours a day.
    The other reason is security. It is very unlikely that your child in your living room working on a computer to get educated is going to get assaulted by anyone.
    Most school systems are secure in today’s world. It is when they are going to school or coming home from school that bullies operate the best.
    We have the makings of a plague out there as Michael has informed us of(EBOLA).
    Children in a group environment are most likely to catch whatever is going around. Followed closely by any people in a group of any kind.
    Even your local cashier at the retail and grocery stores are very vulnerable to diseases carried by the general public. And they do not make enough money to call off sick in most cases so they go to work sick and pass it on to many others. That cashier that looks a little green, stay away from that register!
    The system my grandchild is being educated by is state affiliated and licensed to do so.
    They get the money that would normally go to the school system in return for educating my grandchild.
    In his case, he has several learning disabilities. They actually used a private tutor on him last year to bring him up to par in his ability to read and write. When he was state tested he came out close to the top of his class of other home schoolers. It was a young married black man from the public sector that specializes in kids with learning disabilities. He was very good at what he does in teaching children that need some one to one time.
    Each year one home schooler group puts on plays at a local auditorium in a school near us.
    This year the group of all ages put on the musical “Tarzan.” It was really good. There is a lot of talent out there in our youth.
    I am an intermediate Tech. Often I do have to make sure the equipment works up to par so my grandchild can get educated on line. There is a complete tech department at our beck and call if it is too complicated for me to handle alone. They send us an up-to-date computer each year on loan for the year. It is middle of the road. It isn’t the fastest or the slowest. Usually it is the latest operating system from Microsoft. They also provide anti-virus software. And a small screen monitor for the children to use.
    Most of the time I make two backup computers available so we are never without a computer to use if something goes wrong. They are fairly cheap at the local computer store. I pay about 120 for a computer and it is worth it to just have the backup.
    If I had a criticism of the public education system it would be they have no memory training. Most kids are stuck with whatever training they have from home when they enter the system.

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