The Most Epic Marriage Proposal FAILS

Proposals Gone Wrong

Your heart will break for this guy who put so much creativity into his proposal.

He leads his girlfriend into a square, where music is playing.  At first it looks like music in the park, yet the guy out of the blue,  joins up with other women for a dance.  Half way through, all the ladies, and this young man form a circle and dance around his girlfriend.  The music was perfect, the gesture was incredibly romantic.  He leads her on stage, and asks her to marry him, and she runs off the stage.

The proposal was so extraordinary, and beautiful, lets hope this man ends up with his perfect love.

View this video below, and others where, sadly……., women say no.  Some guys are so confident that she will say “yes” that they decide to ask their love in front of an audience.  Here are several humiliating proposals gone terribly wrong. Oh, the heartbreak!

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  1. The last video was shocking, when the girlfriend hits him over the head with the ukulele…..

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