This Is What Jim Woodford Saw When He Died And Went To Heaven…

All over the world there are people that are claiming that they have experienced what comes after death.

Unfortunately, most do not want to hear what they have to say.  Even though many of them literally had encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ, interest in their testimonies is shockingly low.

Jim Woodford is one of those that died and had the opportunity to come back.  The following description of his testimony comes from YouTube

Jim Woodford was brain dead for 11 hours. Propelled through a tunnel of light, Jim Woodford found himself standing on the edge of Heaven and utter darkness. Something began calling his name. Jim went to Heaven and was sent back with a message from Heaven — it’s never too late to cry out to God.

Jim Woodford recently died and went to Heaven, but not before visiting the gates of Hell.

Unsaved, and facing death, Jim Woodford cried out for God to forgive him. Jim died, but it was not his time — Jesus sent him back, and he is here to tell you it’s not too late for you.

Jim’s journey through a tunnel of light brought him to the edge of Heaven and Hell. The darkness and the sound of Hell’s gates were real, but so was his angelic rescue from a creature who called him by name. Jim shares the experiences of singing flowers, God’s “sticky love” and meeting Jesus, who silently read the book of his life to him. Jim was ashamed that his worldly accomplishments amounted to so little!