Three children left in Walmart parking lot for SEVEN HOURS after parents were arrested for shoplifting and failed to mention their kids were in the car

Broward County Sheriff's Office

The kids were not discovered until almost 2am when a customer spotted the children crying and called store employees.

Neither Hope – the mother of all three children – nor Moultrie – the father of the youngest child – said anything about the children that were trapped in their car in the parking lot, according to police.

However, Hope didn’t hesitate to mention her children in her bid to be release from jail. WTVJ reports that she told a judge she is the mother of three children and is pregnant with a fourth – in a bid for leniency.

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1 thought on “Three children left in Walmart parking lot for SEVEN HOURS after parents were arrested for shoplifting and failed to mention their kids were in the car”

  1. I can only imagine what was going on in their minds. If they mentioned the kids, would government protective services have taken away their children? Would they ever see them again? Because that is exactly what might have happened.
    Were they tested for drugs while in custody? Or is that against the law?
    Times are hard. They obviously ran out of options and resorted to stealing. Now the real nightmare begins.
    The key here might be the items that were stolen. Tools? Is he a mechanic of some kind?
    Instead of throwing the book at them, I suggest we need a more efficient way of dealing with people. It costs an average of $41,000 a year to house a prisoner. We are willing to spend that to put people in jail. How about spending half of that to give people a respectable way of making a living, not just people like this, but anyone willing to work for a living.
    In the 30s, they made work for people taking care of the public parks. We have many genius level people out there like Bill Gates.
    How about putting together a program that puts these people to work.
    The reason we don’t is often the laws involved. For instance, making apartment style housing where the homeless can be regulated and have a place to stay. Have a place where they can get food, clothing, and shelter. I say don’t give it to them. Make them earn it with work.
    Right now in any major city, Blacks seem to make up a large number of the population in jail. I look at this as a failure of our methods of educating people. It is a major failure because it costs a lot of money to house all those people and waste their lives living in a jail cell.
    I suggest that we need to closely examine WHY they are in jail. A lot of times it is they are a victim as much as they are criminal.
    Given a choice, would they reform and become useful citizens? If they are involved in drugs, the answer is no.
    So how do we keep them out of jail without risk to the rest of us?
    We need to treat drug slavery for what it is. It is just as much an illness as it is a crime.
    The need of an addict to get their fix is more important to them than anything else in their life. That includes loved ones.
    I have seen it first hand. A druggie is a druggie and they will do anything to get that fix that they need.
    Any tough love organization out there will tell you this. They are willing to do the time for the crime.
    They just hope they do not get caught. Eventually they do get caught.
    But putting them in a cage does not solve the problem.
    A lot of high school kids do not look at life as we do. They do look at life as either getting caught and going to jail or a very short life as their lives are snuffed out by the system.
    What we have to do is get a system that treats addicts rather than being all about taking them off the streets permanently.
    Right now we are housing them in a cell. Feeding them. Clothing them. And we all foot the bill because we haven’t found a better solution.

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