Trump predicts Hillary could get ‘up to 20 years in prison’ for deleting more than 30,000 emails – and a federal law that she voted for backs him up!

Prison - Photo by Sean Munson

Donald Trump believes Hillary Clinton could face significant jail time – ‘up to 20 years in prison’ – as a consequence of storing classified information on her now-infamous private email server.

And a law that Clinton herself once voted for while she served in the U.S. Senate could come back to haunt her – and turn Trump into a criminal-justice prophet.

‘If you look at what’s going on with the emails, it’s a fraud if you think about it,’ the Republican presidential front-runner told The Hollywood Reporter in his first magazine interview since launching his unconventional White House bid.

‘This looks like Watergate on steroids, frankly,’ he said.’Watergate was about the cover-up more than the act.’

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2 thoughts on “Trump predicts Hillary could get ‘up to 20 years in prison’ for deleting more than 30,000 emails – and a federal law that she voted for backs him up!”

  1. I think she should keep her mouth firmly closed and allow her lawyer(s) to do their jobs. You have all ready convicted her and sentenced her before her team has a chance to defend her in a court of law.
    We still have a bill of rights in the constitution of this country. Might be hard to visualize in this case.
    Is she presidential material? Is Al Gore? Is Joe Biden?
    I think they should run John Boehner. Only because he is third in line for the Presidency if something happens to Joe Biden.
    But that would mean John switching sides. Or has he all ready switched sides?
    The question becomes who do they have with no criminal activity behind the scenes that might come out?
    I have always wondered about the amendment that prevents anyone from running three times. Is that three consecutive times or is it three times period?
    Because there have to be people in the ranks that are clean.
    How many governors are democrat right now. That seems to be one source of Presidential candidates.
    Who ever sits in the office of the President has a lot of things to do and worry about.
    Personally, I think I would be praying a lot of the time for the best answers.
    Hilliary has only one chance to get out of this. That chance is to get good lawyers and follow their advice on everything.

  2. I suggest that President Obama pardon not only her but others caught in this trap of law.
    Someone, somewhere, wants to make very sure that Hilliary Clinton can never be a President of the United States.
    This entire thing smells to high heaven of a manipulation by the powers that be. Congratulations are in order because they have torpedoed any effort she might make to become President.
    IF she makes someone from these powers that be her Vice it will all go away. And she may even get elected.
    This has happened before with Ronald Reagan. He was given a choice of putting Bush in as his Vice or facing a storm of media against his election campaign. He chose to go with Bush.
    We all know how that turned out.
    As to whether or not Donald Trump might be our next President? He still has to go beyond the hurtle of the Electorial College. That college has went against the popular vote more than once in the last 30 years.
    Especially if it is a close election.
    It will be decided in less than a week. Possibly a day.
    I think any journalist can make and tear apart his campaign with little effort. His remarks are poorly researched at best.
    He is seizing the moment. If you look closely at what he has said then it doesn’t really compute.
    Putting a wall up does not work. Anyone that has studied walls in history will tell you it doesn’t work.
    As a person trained as an AP in the United States Air Force I will tell you that guards do not work. It is completely for show.
    They are there for a reason. That reason being that it keeps amateurs out.
    Professionals walk around guards all the time.
    The only true way to keep Mexicans and others out illegitimately here is to take away the motivation for them being here.
    Make them unwelcome financially. That means starving them out.
    It means going after the people that hire them big time. That will shove them all out the door quicker than a wall ever could.
    The back lash of my plan is that a lot of these people employing them do not realise it makes them felons. It is rich people that hire people.
    Well, that will make the lawyers happy. They will have life time jobs defending these rich clients.

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