U.S. Has Been Meeting Secretly With Hamas For 6 Months


United States officials have been holding secret back-channel talks with Hamas over the last six months to discuss their role in the newly formed unity government, according to two senior diplomatic sources with direct knowledge of the talks.

The meetings were held between U.S. intermediaries and Hamas’ leadership, which lives outside the Gaza Strip in third-party countries ranging from Egypt to Qatar and Jordan. Topics included the ceasefire agreement with Israel and the recently formed unity government between Hamas and Fatah.

During the talks, Hamas gave assurances that allowed the U.S. to support the unity government, despite heavy pressure by the Israeli government for them to condemn it, the diplomatic officials — one American and one Palestinian — said.

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      • The difference is that Isreal has competant leaders and
        know what they are doing – We have a community organizer

    • Believe it or not, but a mountain of evidence reveals our government has had it’s hand in developing extensive “relations” with nearly every nation earth, including those we would normally consider our enemy. A part of this practice was publicly disclosed during the Vietnam “War,” where we were smuggling munitions and supplies to the Viet Cong in order to help eliminate our own troops! A premise would be the “Pentagon Papers,” which became a part of the Congressional Record, though this is just a small portion of treasonous acts committed by our own State Department and other high ranking NWO agencies operating in DC. And to think, Mr. Constitutional Patriot himself, Edward Snowden, has become today’s Daniel Ellsberg, where the religion of “Nationalism” did not deter from their primary obligation to honor their oath and in the true sense, recognize the correct “call of duty.

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