Some UFO enthusiasts believe that the government is on the verge of spilling some really big secrets

UFO Over The Thames

This big secret will be revealed in 2015, if the chatter on shows like Coast-to-Coast AM is any indication. Why? Well, the “Grays” — the name given to the aliens who either conspire with the government to keep their presence hidden or are on the verge of attacking the Earth — have somehow given an ultimatum to their human co-conspirators. Maybe it’s time to move humanity into the next phase of their existence. Maybe humans are battering the planet so badly that the Grays, who need the milk of the Earth to survive, are in peril. If humans fail to disclose the Grays’ existence, then the Grays will make themselves known by, perhaps, a global television event that shows off their gravity-defying hardware.

One-third to half of Americans give real credence to the possibility that aliens exist and are living among us. That’s 80 million to 100 million adults. They don’t just think that alien DNA might have helped spark life on Earth, or that life exists elsewhere in the universe. They believe in the conspiracy. We treat them as ninnies with tin-foil hats and bumper stickers. But they are all of us!

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3 thoughts on “Some UFO enthusiasts believe that the government is on the verge of spilling some really big secrets”

  1. Anyone that thinks we are unique should look up the statistics. The Earth is a small planet and star systems abound in the real universe.
    That means any planetary system that is in the right position orbiting their sun might harbor life as well.
    The Universe as we know it is fantastically big. We are less than a pebble on a large desert. That is how many stars with planetary systems are likely to be out there. That was not an exact number just trying to keep everything in proportion to what is.
    Science thinks it all started about 15 billion years ago. I say they are wrong. Judging by the enormous size of the Universe it is likely to be 10 times that number or more.
    Our local area might have started 15 billion years ago. Meaning every star in the Milky Way Galaxy. We are members of that galaxy.
    It is not a matter of whether there is alien life out there. It is there. It is a matter of whether or not they have entered our local neighborhood somewhere in our solar system.
    The gods of mythology would be where I would look first.
    There are all kinds of records of the gods of mythology.
    They were supposedly giants. Meaning 8-12 feet tall.
    They were supposedly extremely long lived. Meaning they had discovered the secret to prolonging life indefinitely.
    They could die. There are many legends of gods being killed by other gods.
    Then about 5,000 years ago these so called “gods” picked up and left.
    From the descriptions in the India records, I think they had a civil war amongst themselves. They used atomic type bombs and blew up cities. The human armies at their command died horrible deaths from radioactive poisoning. They literally trashed the planet. Then they left everyone to their own devices to survive. Obviously we did.
    A close examination of our bodies tells a story. No other critter on the planet has a double-chromosome. We have two. One on each side.
    The birth canal in women is too small. C-sections are almost the norm.
    The legends also are in the Bible. The Sons of God came down and took wives of the daughters of men?
    In the book of Enoch, there is a description of WHY the flood occured. Someone contaminated the genetic pool. I maintain that someone was the “gods” of mythology.
    Noah is a mystery. There is no way that one ark could contain all the species on the planet. Even if we only took baby animals it would not be possible. I maintain that there were at least 5 different arks in different places around the planet. And even that is not enough. What is possible is that the Ark contained a large variety of animals from one area. Which means the Flood was not universal all over the planet.
    Science thinks that about the same time as the Ark a huge glacier fell into the Indian Ocean side of Antarctica. This displaced water and set off a giant wave that eventually washed across Africa and Asia. Now that I can believe.
    That these “sons” were able to have children with women opens up a entirely different can of worms.
    Those gods were compatible with our life on this planet. They were directly related to man. Or it would not have occurred.
    I seldom hear about second generation “gods”.
    That means they might have had a different number of Chromosomes than us but were close enough to us to reproduce. In other words, we would have a lot of mules. By mules I mean cross species reproduction just as donkeys and horses can reproduce one time.
    So taking circumstantial evidence and coming to conclusions . . . I suggest that life on this planet was by terraforming the planet and introducing different insects and animals to the planet sometime in our prehistory. By the words of our God, He created this planet with everything on it. That is in Job.
    That would explain the lack of evolution in the history of the planet.
    The Jewish Old Testament is pretty much a record of that. If you interpret the word “day” as meaning a fixed period of time not necessarily 24 hours, then it starts to make sense.
    The problem I have with all of this is that these so called ‘gods” were biologically compatible with our own species.
    Bring this forward to the present day, where are these gods that I speak about?
    5,000 years would be about right to clean the planet of radioactive contamination.
    There is a dramatic difference in the age spans before the flood and after. Perhaps someone corrected a mistake?
    We reproduce far too well and that means that before the flood mankind probably had reproduced too much for the planet to feed us.
    Some people have estimated a population on the Earth of about 11 Billion. But that is just a guess.
    Someone had no problem committing genecide. Someone knew enough about genetics to make sure the survivors would die in less than 120 years instead of 900. That is based on Genesis being literally true.
    So my contention is that the so called “gods” might be wanting to re-colonize Earth and put the remaining humans into servitude just like they may have done in our past.
    That would explain the culling of the herd from 7 billion down to about 500 million as the agenda of the UN.
    The stories of gods in mythology are certainly those of a species closely related to mankind. The behavior patterns are almost the same as our own. That is why that is where I would look first, if we are being visited by alien species.
    I find it interesting that the government and scientists give no credence to any of this.
    You will find it difficult to even find references to the double chromosome of man. That is because it does not agree with the standard evolutionary theory popular in colleges. No one going outside this creed will ever get tenure.

      • The question is whether or not they were part of a court of beings in Job. Because in Job, God headed up that court as the ruler. The species were physically present with a body.
        They closely resembled humans. Though the legends say there were very strong and giants.
        It is interesting that Satan was a part of that court.

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