Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken in Clinton Email Scandal

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Hillary Clinton and two aides appear to have violated two national security laws by sending classified information on a private email server, according to a former Army counterintelligence agent and investigator for a public interest law group.

Additionally, the two Clinton aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, disregarded a federal judge’s order this month requiring both to make sworn statements to the court that all government documents in their possession will be returned to federal officials, said Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch, the law group.

“What we have is a secretary of state, the only cabinet official in our history, who established her own private email server … in an effort to avoid the normal protocols for unclassified and classified communications. It’s an end run,” he said.

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1 thought on “Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken in Clinton Email Scandal”

  1. In the meantime, babies are legally aborted. So how many years will they get for parting out a baby? I do not see anyone up on charges yet. Those were babies with a brain. Those were babies alive with a possible consciousness. Parting out an aborted baby is illegal.
    I think there might be a serious problem with putting anyone in jail for doing things in ignorance. If this woman and her cohorts had known the trouble they might get in, none of this would have happened. They did not know or if they did they did not think they would be liable.
    Before someone brings up ignorance is not a defense, perhaps the logistics of law need to be addressed. It is humanly impossible for even a lawyer to know every aspect of every regulation out there. It is physically impossible to even read the many complicated rules our law has become.
    Even the tax people could not answer simple questions. 8 out of 10 gave wrong answers to tax questions asked. No two tax people are likely to answer the same question in the same way. Yet no one has put them in jail.
    The bureaus are writing at least 100 new regulations every day.
    Is Hilliary just plain ignorant or was it a blatant disregard for existing law? She has been in politics a long time. I think she is a lawyer herself.
    One angle is that it would never have been brought up at all if she did not have ambitions to be President of this country.
    Deals are made in D.C. all the time. Was prosecuting her part of a deal made somewhere?
    When we have scandal it is about laws being ignored by public attorneys ignoring the laws of the land.
    President Obama has not been prosecuted for ignoring immigration law has He?
    Nothing has been done about a birth certificate that some claim is a forgery.
    What this is about is keeping Hilliary out of the political race for President.
    My own thought is she does not need that job that bad. Neither is she qualified for the position judging by current charges against her.
    I would hope that the microscope on her activities as Secretary would be brought to bear on everyone else running for election.
    But then you might run out of candidates all together.

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