Who Shot Down the Malaysian Plane?

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Who Shot Down the Malaysian Airliner? A round-up of the latest facts, speculation and the blame game surrounding the alleged shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine…

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  1. “Who Shot Down the Malaysian Plane?”
    George W Bush flying the Halliburton Space Ship of Doom, of course. What a dumb question.

  2. Remember when the protests in Kiev were just getting started against the legally elected govt which the EU and the USA wanted overthrown?
    The protestors piled up trash and debris, set tires on fire and threw continuous molotov cocktails for western media images with manufactured storylines. Impressive images of thick black smoke and fires at night time with a “rebel” holding a lit molotov in hand were not garnering a lot of interest however…….so western hegemonists cranked it up a notch!!
    Sniper fire was reported to have been volleyed at the protestors killing many…the protest got more amped up and eventually the President fled the country. Weeks later however ( and barely a snippet in the western media) it was evidenced that the shooting was not done by the existing govt at all. Neo-fascist elements did the shooting of the student and unemployed legitimate protestors to increase the pressure and villify the Pres.
    It makes no sense for the ethnic russians living in their homelands of eastern ukraine ( what was western russia until post WWII) to shoot down a passenger jet-let alone take credit for it. It DOES make sense for the US controlled govt in Kiev to use the rocket launchers that they moved into Donetsk a few days before, shoot down a plane and then blame the boogeymen russians—it worked the last time with the sniper fire, right?

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