WHO warns that ‘the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate’ the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak

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The magnitude of the Ebola crisis in West Africa is “vastly” underestimated, the World Health Organization warned this week, as the death toll steadily climbed.

Ebola has infected at least 2,127 people in Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since the outbreak began this year.

Of the victims, 1,145 have died, according to the WHO. It said the number reflects the count as of Wednesday.

“The outbreak is expected to continue for some time,” the WHO said in a statement Thursday. “Staff at the outbreak sites see evidence that the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.”

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2 thoughts on “WHO warns that ‘the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate’ the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak”

  1. When the WHO starts making statements like this I think that it is time for all of us to start getting concerned.

  2. I suggest this plague will go all over the ISIS before it is over with.
    I think this thing is so viral that it will spread no matter what is done in the area.
    The only hope the rest of us have is to contain it by stopping all transportation in and out of Africa, and surrounding nations where it is likely to spread.
    The people in charge of doing something like this appear to be unprepared for such drastic measures. Isolation is the only answer that will work right now.
    I think we need to stock up on B Complex, C, and D.
    I would also suggest a large supply of bleach products readily at hand in the home.
    Keep all the dishes disinfected and all the silverware. About 8 oz. in a bowl of dishwater should be sufficient to keep things sterile. I use a small cup in my dishwasher as a matter of routine.
    Use daylight spectrum bulbs throughout your home.
    If there is time, change to copper door knobs every where.
    Stay away from all public functions. Even so, that might not be enough. Stay away from public bathrooms.
    I find it to be a strange coincidence that these same people that are killing Christians are now facing death by plague. Personally, I think this is connected to that killing, torture, rape, and crucifixion. But as many non-believers will say, it must just be a coincidence, right?
    When I was growing up, we moved from a Mobile Home to a real two bedroom house. Everything under the sun went wrong at that house. My Dad finally sold it and moved us to a plat of homes. Everything changed. The bad luck disappeared! To this day, I have no idea what the source of that bad luck was. But it was there.
    I think in this world, we have no clue as to what is going on sometimes.
    Just like scientists that have ignored natives when they say stay away from this area. Then they go in and something happens to them. One area was high in radioactivity and cancer resulted for anyone that stayed in the area for any length of time. It isn’t always a native wrong image.
    There can be real reasons why the natives think it is a bad idea.
    We have a tendency with education to discard warnings of all kinds.
    We can rightfully claim that sanitation is non-existent in the area where this disease is now running out of control. I suggest there is also an undercurrent running through the entire area.

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