Why Are So Many Middle-Aged Men Falling Into Adultery?

Silhouette Of A Man - Public Domain

Erotic stimuli bombard us from everywhere today. There’s also the elimination of restraints and sexual taboos. Add to this lethal mix the pervasive encouragement to indulge in sexual permissiveness via TV, films, magazines and the Internet.

Ted Roberts is trying to combat the avalanche of pornography flooding our churches with a DVD series advertised with provocative statements like “68 percent of Christian men view pornography” and “50 percent of pastors view porn regularly.” He bases this on a five-year national survey conducted by Pure Desire Ministries entitled “Porn Usage in the Evangelical Church.”

Paul Coelho, one of the most influential writers of our time, just released his latest book called Adultery, dealing with this theme in our society today.

In case you haven’t heard, the latest cultural trend being pushed is something called “Sugar Dating,” where primarily younger women trade sexual companionship for money given by older, wealthy men.

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