Woman Dead For 27 Minutes Writes “It’s Real” After Seeing Jesus In Heaven

Brian and Tina Hines were headed out for a hike one morning earlier this year when Tina suddenly collapsed to the ground.  Her heart completely stopped beating, but her husband was able to bring her back using CPR.  But her heart kept stopping, and paramedics just kept bringing her back.  She was reportedly dead for a total of 27 minutes, and during that time she says that she actually saw the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.  The following comes  from a local Arizona news source

Brian was able to bring Tina back to life using CPR, but her heart soon stopped again. Paramedics arrived and brought her back again, only to watch her code—her heart stopping—three more times. She was brought back a total of five times, and during that time, Tina says she saw heaven.

“It was so real, the colors were so vibrant,” said Tina. She says she saw black gates and Jesus standing in front of them, with a bright yellow glow behind him.

When she came to, Tina motioned for a piece of paper and pen and wrote the words “It’s real.”