25 Reasons Why Our Society Is In Decline

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What in the world is happening to America?  We can see evidence of the decay that is eating away at our society like cancer all around us.  We are being destroyed in literally thousands of different ways, and yet very few people are alarmed about this.  Recently, a reader named Doug sent the following list of 25 reasons why the United States is in decline.  I thought that I would share it with all of you…

1) Affirmative Action
2) Women’s Liberation
3) Liberal Media Propaganda
4) Political Correctness
5) Moral Relativism
6) Family Destruction
7) Spiritual War on Christians
8) Government Centralization
9) Socialism Tyranny
10) Sense of Entitlement
11) Globalism
12) Sexual Revolution
13) Illegal Immigration
14) Broken Rule of Law
15) Fractional Reserve Banking
16) Debt Explosion
17) Protected Cartels
18) Public Pension Funds
19) Wars & Rumors of Wars
20) Technology Advancements
21) Offshoring Manufacturing and Jobs
22) Excessive Taxation
23) Progressive Democrat Corruption
24) Bread and Circuses for the Masses
25) Instant Gratification

Do you have anything else that you would add to this list?

If so, please feel free to share it by posting a comment below…

3 thoughts on “25 Reasons Why Our Society Is In Decline”

  1. -Crony capitalism instead of actual capitalism
    -GMOs/ poor nutritional status leading to calorically rich but nutritionally deficient food
    -lack of savings at any level – personal, gov’t, corporate
    -gov’t dependency by individuals
    -drug abuse and dependency
    -politicized science over objective legitimate science
    -liberal take over of all information outlets – entertainment, state media, academia, judiciary, both political parties
    -break down of the family unit (see liberal take over above)
    -we are no longer a sovereign nation as literally anyone in the world can vote in our elections as repeatedly upheld by treasonous courts, and anyone from the world can receive full benefits as “citizens”, the only difference is “citizens” are expected to pay for the others
    -treasonous education system teaching propaganda and indoctrination rather than scholastic endeavors. Intentionally destroying science and math education using methods no one can replicate to create a generation of further gov’t dependents

  2. sad to say ….the current situation in Syria and Iraq … indicative of some of the things that motivate “women’s liberation” …when men stop abusing women, then “liberation” won’t be needed.

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