3 Reasons ‘Reprehensible’ ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Will Sear Your Conscience

Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, is showing in theaters beginning tonight. One secular reviewer called the film “the year’s first true cinematic travesty,” “utterly ridiculous” and “reprehensible.” I warned you not to see the first movie when it premiered two years ago. I’ll repeat my reasons for the sequel.

1. The movie is pornographic in the extreme. It exhibits behavior so explicit and immoral that I will not repeat even what reviewers have said about it. Jesus warned us to refuse lust in all its forms (Matt. 5:28). His Spirit will be grieved by any Christians who open their minds to such blatant immorality.

2. The plague of pornography is an epidemic in our culture, and these movies are making things far worse. They are intended to legitimize and normalize behavior that, according to researchers, damages the brain and escalates deviant behavior.

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