500 Army Majors to Be Axed in Latest Budget Cuts

U.S. Army Major - Public Domain

Pink slips will start going out next week to about 500 Army majors – including some on duty in Afghanistan – in the latest wave of troop cuts forced by “budget restrictions,” the Army announced Friday.

“We don’t want to do this,” but the Army has no choice under the constraints of the Budget Control Act and the Congressional sequester process, Gen. John Campbell, the vice chief of the Army, said Friday, Military.com reports.

Campbell noted may of the 1,100 captains on a hit list last month were serving in Afghanistan as well, and “the same thing probably will happen with some of these majors,” Military.com reports.

Cutting troops is always hard, he said, but axing “the ones that are deployed is certainly the hardest,” he said.

Military.com reports at least 48 of the 1,100 captains handed pink slips last month had been serving in Afghanistan – a decision that came under intense criticism, including from former Army Capt. Jon­athan Hendershott, who called it a “stunning display of callousness” in an opinion piece for the New York Post. 

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1 thought on “500 Army Majors to Be Axed in Latest Budget Cuts”

  1. In 1966, I made a career choice change. I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force enlisted ranks. Why? after 4 years of credited service? Possible 20 year career started?
    Because the American Public has no respect for the people putting their lives on the line for their country.
    I can back that statement up. In 1966, the on-going idiots in charge, decided we no longer deserved butter in the mess hall. So everyone was going to have margarine instead. Seems like a small thing.
    Except those same people were dying in Vietnam for no reason that I could tell.
    Recently President Bush signed an executive order that anyone making a decent living did not deserve VA Health Benefits. So they put restrictions on the VA Benefits because they could not afford them. That was from a deserter from the National Guard. His Daddy was Vice at the time and got him out of it. Eventually he became President of this country.
    Recently we have a huge scandal of people not being seen by the VA and that lead to their deaths.
    This country shows by its actions rather than anything else what it actually thinks of the people out there laying their lives on the line for their country. It sends people back to combat ones 3 and 4 times. That is a huge mistake. It is also a show of lack of respect for our military people putting their lives on the line unnecessarily.
    So why any sane individual would want to serve in the U.S. Military is beyond me.
    Until this cowardly Congress gets their act together and treats them with all the respect and honor that these people deserve, nothing will change.
    A very good friend of mine in Korea once told me, “If they don’t pay for it, then they do not respect me.” Well that about sums up how I feel about a bunch of lawyers in Congress and how they don’t want to pay to defend this country.
    I suggest the entire military decide not to re-enlist period. FInd some other way to make a living. The way you are making a living right now is simply not worth your time.
    These people do not respect you. For that lack of respect, they really need a good lesson in manners and support of the people that actually keep you safe in your beds at night.
    Respect means there is no way you are laying off people risking their lives for your safety.

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