62 Percent Of Millennials Are Liberal And 42 Percent Say That They Are Socialists

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In the Reason-Rupe poll, about 62% of Millennials call themselves liberal. By that, they mean the favor gay marriage and pot legalization, but those views hold little or no implication for their views on government spending. To Millennials, being socially liberal is being liberal, period. For most older Americans, calling yourself a liberal means you want to increase the size, scope, and spending of the government (it may not even mean you support legal pot and marriage equality). Despite the strong liberal tilt among Millennials, 53% say they would support a candidate who was socially liberal and fiscally conservative (are you listening, major parties?).

There are other areas where language doesn’t track neatly with Boomer and Gen X definitions. Millennials have no first-hand memories of the Soviet Union or the Cold War. Forty-two percent say they prefer socialism as a means of organizing society but only 16% can define the term properly as government ownership of the means of production.

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2 thoughts on “62 Percent Of Millennials Are Liberal And 42 Percent Say That They Are Socialists”

  1. Gay marriage is wrong and so is abortion. Marriage is between a man and a woman and no matter how you try to paint it there is a reason we are made differently both physically and mentally. The fact that God said marriage is between a man and a woman and was repeated by Christ means that He has not changed His mind. People are stuck on stupid in this country.

  2. I notice a connection between places FOR Gay Marriage are also the most severely hit by the current weather conditions. Of course it is all a terrible mistake. They have drought.
    Whether we want it or not, the Powers That Be, appear to want us engrossed in Gay Marriage, Abortions, and other abominations. Abominations as defined in the BIble. In my opinion only, that is a recipe for disaster for any community disapproved of by God.
    Socialism and Communism appear to go hand in hand with our Congressional laws. So does a state religion taught in the schools known as Humanism. It is basically atheist. It is neutral to a fault.
    The game rules of economics are changing as we speak. Basically if you are one of the have-nots then this is a good thing. Government keeping people from starving and basically ruling that if you have money then you pay. If on paper you are completely bankrupt, the government pays. On the one hand we work 30-40 hour weeks and get nothing in return. On the other hand, if we are lazy or unable to work, the government picks up the tab and taxes those that do work to do so.
    It is basically a system that starves itself. But with millions of regulations concerning themselves with interpreting the laws, bureaucracies grow and grow some more, giving a few very powerful influences over what happens to people. Those same laws also destroy any young person’s ambition to work.
    We as a people are now looking at a system far different than the one we grew up under.
    It is no wonder that anyone with a lick of intelligence would choose the welfare system over working with the game rules as they are applied today.
    On the one hand you sacrifice your life to the God of Money. On the other hand, you make do with a lot less, take government handouts, and basically follow the rules of welfare to your best advantage. The idea being that your tiime now belongs to you, not the government.
    In Finance and Appraisal, a course put out for experienced Real Estate Licensed People, we learn how the currency actually works. I call it Hong Kong Dollars.
    Our currency was devaluing at approximately 4.5% per year.
    This is the inflation factor. Using this factor, based mainly on commodities in the market place, Real Estate agents are supposed to calculate what a piece of Real Estate will bring on the open market. Hint: Taxing Real Estate is often valued too high by anywhere from 10-30%. The open market value is catching up and causing local government to go under. We need to challenge any valuation put out by a county accessment.
    They actually have a chart that values the dollar based on what it would buy in any given year. It is far more accurate than the COLA put out to determine pension benefits(it is not called a pension) for old people under Social Security.
    GIven a 10-1 valuation as a wild guess, you can calculate what your wages were worth in say 1960. Or 1970, or any year since. Of course that is not accurate. But it gives a general idea of what we are dealing with economically in today’s world. Really ball park figures not really accurate.
    If you were making a net wage of $50 a week in 1966, then you can easily add a zero and it will tell you what your are making today in that same relationship. That would be approximately 500.
    Very few people are making a net of $500 a week.
    What business wants is to have slave labor. What government wants is power over those people.
    That is why the entire government rule system is going bankrupt fast.
    Intelligent people work only as hard as they have to while this is going on. Thus you have an entire generation of dead beats on the government socialized system.

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