9/11 Building 7 Exposed On C-Span

Building 7 - Public Domain

(YouTube) C-Span airs an hour long interview with Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, where, by public demand, they expose the scientific inconsistancies which have been reported as truth surrounding not only building 7, but buildings 1 and two as well—plus raise valid arguments to Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.

3 thoughts on “9/11 Building 7 Exposed On C-Span”

  1. When you watch that building collapse. How after that, can you doubt just what the puppet masters are capable of. Nowadays, when someone calls me paranoid, or says the Government would not do something like that. I just laugh.

    • The National Institutional Standards and Technology (NIST) said the building fell as a result of heat, but the temperatures were half the required temperatures for it to occur. I believe the American people know this, but the thought that our government was involved or had some role on 9/11 makes us feel rather at uneasy. Then we have to consider if they were that we would mean we would have to make some very decisions about what to with our government.

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