A Staggering Video About American Exceptionalism That You Have To See

American Flag 2014 - Photo by HARRIS News

Is America really a shining example that the rest of the world should emulate?  Does our goodness and morality set us apart from other nations.  I urge you to watch the staggering video about American exceptionalism that I have posted below.  It might just change how you view the “goodness” of the United States…

2 thoughts on “A Staggering Video About American Exceptionalism That You Have To See”

  1. The statistics are embarassing.
    The question is what are good Christians going to do about it. If anything.
    We need to straighten out our act as a nation. What is more likely is the people will sleep until it is too late and God takes action against the same people aborting children.
    And the mothers that submit voluntarily to said sins.
    Or God might send our enemies to take us captive. That has happened to Israel before.

    The sheepies simply keep ignoring. Until the day it comes home.

    We have an overabundance of false christians out there.
    When the SHTF, then you will be able tell the false from the true.

  2. I hope that everyone will share this video. The guy who produced it contacted me directly and he did a great job on it.

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