Alleged gang rape shown on Facebook shocks Sweden

Outrage and shock are spreading across Sweden over a case against three men of foreign origin arrested on suspicion of raping a woman and broadcasting it live on Facebook.

Swedish authorities said Wednesday that the case against the unidentified men was “growing stronger” amid an increasing backlash against immigrants in a country that took in more asylum seekers per capita than any other nation in Europe last year.

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1 thought on “Alleged gang rape shown on Facebook shocks Sweden”

  1. Is this what we have to look forward to in the United States in years to come?
    Be careful, because if it is, this is a far more dangerous place to do something like that than Europe.
    Women also know how to use rifles and guns in this country and they are not afraid to defend themselves.
    The liberation of women here is a lot different than it is in Europe.
    This country has a far greater mixed culture than any one place in Europe has.
    We have a very proud military presence that includes a whole lot of women in our armed forces.
    We have a lot of women educated in self-defense techniques and they are not afraid to use it.
    The traditional woman that stayed home and kept house is a lot rarer here than overseas. Though I am sure a lot of women in Europe work.
    Our women tend to be people that consider themselves equals to men.
    They are often far more daring when it comes to the way they dress which is a far cry from the puritans that first stepped onto America’s shores. Do not mistake that for low morales.
    I can see this happening here. But I also see it happening with the wrong people. When that happens the obvious problem will correct itself and these gangs are unlikely to survive to do it another day.
    Our women are proud people. Justly so. And this is not the first time someone has tried rape.
    If it is foreigners here attempting rape, I suggest it will end very badly for them in the long run.

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