Canada: 14 year old girl sexually assaulted by Syrian refugees, school asks her to consider the situation from their point of view

What in the world is happening in Canada?  In recent years, their open door immigration policy has resulted in a massive flood of immigrants from all over the globe, and this has resulted in enormous social “challenges”.

Just consider the following example.  This story comes to us from Frontlines News

“The incident occurred when two Syrian refugees began grinding on the 14-year-old girl. Soon, one of the Syrian boys began groping the girl’s breasts before sticking his hand inside her underwear and touching her vagina.

Perhaps the most troubling part of the story occurred after the incident, when documents obtained in a freedom of information request revealed school officials standing up for the Syrian boy.”

What’s next?

Will Canadian girls soon be told that it is their “civic duty” to have sex with immigrant boys?