FBI arrest ISIS sympathizer who posted Facebook messages threatening to kill Darren Wilson

Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar - Photo from Facebook

The FBI has arrested a Washington man for making repeated threats against the life of Officer Darren Wilson, writing Facebook posts demanding, ‘We need to kill this white motha f***a and anything that has a badge on’.

Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar, 46, started writing the messages immediately after Wilson shot Brown dead in August and according to the criminal complaint read in court on Tuesday in Seattle, ‘knowingly and willfully transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce’ threats against Wilson’s life.’

In addition to the specific social media threats, the Nintendo employee, who boasts an ISIS flag on his Facebook page, is also accused of trying to acquire a firearm to act out his desire as spokesman of ‘the oppressed’ who ‘need to kill this white cop.’

If convicted, Abdul-Jabbaar faces a maximum of five years in prison and has been detained in custody ahead of a December 5 detention hearing in US District Court in Seattle.

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