Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’


“But,” continues Posner—I didn’t know there were any “buts” when it comes to rape—”some rapists derive extra pleasure from the fact that the woman has not consented. For these rapists, there is no market substitute … and it could be argued therefore that, for them, rape is not a purely coercive transfer and should not be punished if the pleasure to the rapist (as measured by what he would be willing to pay—though not to the victim—for the right to rape) exceeds the victim’s physical and emotional pain. There are practical objections [No, really? Practical objections to rape?] … [b]ut the fact that any sort of rape license is even thinkable [what kind of bigoted rape-o-phobe would suggest otherwise?] … is a limitation on the usefulness of that theory.

“What generates the possibility of a rape license,” he persists (hold off, fellas, they’re not available yet), “is the fact that the rapist’s utility is weighted the same as his victim’s utility. If it were given a zero weight in the calculus of costs and benefits, a rape license could not be efficient. The only persuasive basis for such a weighting, however, would be a moral principle different from efficiency.”

And herein lies the rub. We all know what Posner thinks about “moral principles.” He’s a moral relativist. There are no moral principles, most especially no “traditional” moral principles. I mean, “How can tradition be a reason for anything?”

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1 thought on “Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’”

  1. There are women out there that would actually go along with this idiot.
    Why? Because those people are starving to death under the current system.
    To tie people down with this trash is an abomination.
    The rewards of two people loving one another in partnership in life make for a much nicer arrangement for both parties than what this person suggests.
    What we need to legislate is a reward system for people that stay married and produce a family atmosphere that is good for children as well as adults.
    We need to take apart the legal system that favors either party in a dissolution of marriage so both parties are not ruined financially by the system. We are not living in 1880. But the courts think we are. So right now the reaction is males will not get married and I do not blame them.
    I think a spiritual head of the family is necessary in any marriage. I think one or the other has to have the final say in decisions made. But it has to be balanced by good judgement. That is where it all falls apart. My greatest council comes from my wife. She sees things I do not and I listen.
    When I was single, I listened very closely to my Father and my Mother in all things. It was difficult to do so, because obviously I knew better or thought I did. But the Bible specifically says to respect and honor your parents. That is what has fallen apart in modern socieity. In our rush to give equal rights to everyone we have failed to listen to our older generation that knows better than we do.
    If you respect your mate, rape by either party is not an option.

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