Feminism Backlash: Media Programming, Endocrine Disruptors, Will Men Find Their Hearts Again?

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When men and women save themselves in front of one another, eventually we will recognize one another, reach out for the other’s hand, and this path back into one another’s arms might save the human race in time.

I am in the Third Stage / First Wave Feminism Backlash whereby not only are there rapidly shrinking age-appropriate males even alive, they are so NOT psycho-spiritually/emotionally available that the pool of prospective Love Partners is down to a virtual zero.

So many people have not learned / do not simply Love themselves. If they did, they would engage with their own self-development as a person. I understand this article is authored by my grandkids’ generation and is being appreciated by much younger people, but I would like to elevate the broadcast by explaining this: Somewhere along the way, the oldest Boomers forgot to talk to one another too – we who have suffered the longest (longetudinally) by what I believe is the end result of nearly a century of Sick Media Programming.

The Heterosexual Grand Canyon you speak of is an END RESULT (and now a cause of further schism) of the loss of the primary cultural, psycho-spiritual, and moral connectors between human beings – the one between a Man and a Woman. So, yes, your descriptions of the symptoms are extremely accurate but they are symptoms of the dis-ease. The Disease is our individual inability to deal with reality, to live truthfully in terms of our relationship with our self, and this foundation “skill” – to See Ourselves As We Are, as opposed to how we are told we need to appear, or how we wish we were, or how our spin-mythology would have us believe – this is the essential missing ingredient which precludes being able to change, grow, adapt, self-correct across and within all generations.

It all starts with personal honesty which is so much more than the absence of outright lies; no one is qualified to develop this essential adult skill except each of us as individuals. Lack of personal honesty about who we are and what we actually do, pre-determines our capacity to correctly view the world around us, to understand and be an effective, informed Citizen, and to effect any change anywhere. We must first SEE THINGS, including ourselves, AS THEY ARE. It is very painful to see what is essentially the accumulated wisdom of an entire civilization being squandered almost overnight but that is what is happening in the world and our beloved country, the good ole US of A leads the pack with the most asleep population on the planet.

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1 thought on “Feminism Backlash: Media Programming, Endocrine Disruptors, Will Men Find Their Hearts Again?”

  1. Maybe men don’t want the pain.
    Maybe living with a woman has to be a joint effort between two people that are compatible with one another.
    Seems to me that women can be a royal pain at times. So can men.
    Some men just don’t want to live with that royal pain.
    One doctor once described mood swings. The first week the woman is honey nice. The second week not quite so much. The third week there is definitely a Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde working here. On the fourth week you are dealing exclusively with Mr. Hyde. The man was describing the hormone changes that occur over a month’s time with a lot of women.
    I have known women like that. And if you don’t know what is going on, it could get really confusing as to just what kind of a person you are dealing with.
    Men don’t want the liability of marriage. So a lot just live with someone. Then if it gets too bad, they simply leave.
    The key is equal balance between individuals. The one contributing the least is most likely to leave and claim they were doing it all.
    The breaking point is when one is contributing 85% and the other about 15%.
    At that point, something has to give. The result is often heartbreak.
    A lot of guys would rather not buy into this scene. They are much happier being single.
    I was lucky. My second time around occurred 10-11 years after my divorce from a woman I gave 15 years to and had 3 boys by. When it broke up I was heart broken. And for years after that, I stayed away from permanent relationships with women.
    That second women was no female liberator. She is perfect for me. We are soul mates and it works.
    Will it work the rest of our lives? I do not know.
    We have been married now for 18 years. The difference between this relationship and my first marriage is like between day and night.
    I insisted if we were going to live together that we get married. I even escorted her to the ladies at the church when we got married.
    Wasn’t taking any chances there.
    The minister and I went into his study and prayed. And that is part of what makes things work. At least for me. Then, we went out and I got married.
    Nothing is ever perfect. But this is about as perfect as I ever expect it to be. God truly has blessed us.

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